Lady Gaga Channels Audrey Hepburn In Tiffany Ad

From styling her blonde hair in giant bows and wearing meat dresses to... filming ads for Tiffany & Co.? Lady Gaga is not just the Mother Monster, but she is also the mother of reinvention. She touts her love of change in her new Tiffany spot. Lady Gaga's Tiffany HardWear Super Bowl commercial marks the first time the legendary brand has advertised during the Big Game, according to Vanity Fair, and it has the singer channeling Audrey Hepburn.

With her statement brows, bare face, slicked back hair, all-black outfit, and Tiffany accessories, Gaga is as chic and as elegant as she ever has been. While those aren't the adjectives that normally precede her name, she rocked it. Minimalist suits her as just much as outrageous does.

In the minute-long spot, Gaga plays a harmonica and talks about her chameleon style and how native New Yorkers such as herself know that Tiffany offers a truly special shopping moment.

As the face of the brand's new HardWear fashion jewelry collection, Gaga is draped in statement-making but classy Tiffany bracelets and earrings in the black and white commercial.

But make no mistake — she is such a blonde Audrey Hepburn here.

According to Vanity Fair, the Tiffany HardWear collection will arrive in stores on April 28 and will be available at the brand's site as of May 2.

Tiffany HardWear is elegant and subversive, embodying the edge and energy of New York City, according to the description on the Tiffany site. That sounds a whole lot like Gaga to me.

Gaga is lovingly playing with her bangin' Tiffany bracelet here. She may introduce a whole new generation of people to the iconic Tiffany brand.

Here's how Gaga does Audrey. Gorgeous!

Hepburn's off-the-face hair and the all-black ensemble certainly provided the inspo for what you see above in 2017.

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