LaLa Anthony Talks Designing Jeans For Everyday Women & Shares Her Denim Care Tips

Courtesy of Lord & Taylor

LaLa Anthony confidently says her new denim collection can bring any woman from "day to play to slay." And the practical line definitely has the aesthetic look to pull off that promise.

Anthony's denim collection, which is available exclusively at Lord & Taylor, can be dressed up or down, has a modest price point, and features inclusive sizing which starts at 0 and goes up to 24. The collection, which mostly retails under $100, is making its debut with eight styles, including stretch denim, distressed materials, asymmetrical hems, and more.

Anthony, a self-professed "jean girl," opted to do a denim line because of its utility and its ability to be stylistically malleable.

"The right jeans can go with anything, taking you from day to night, from work to hanging out," she tells Bustle over the phone. "I thought it was a perfect way to start the collection."

So the star rolled up her sleeves and dove into the process by doing her research and by getting feedback from everyday women. Doing that hands-on work inspired Anthony to not to cap the sizing at the expected size 16 for one simple reason. That's not real life.

Courtesy of Lord & Taylor

"I was talking to women of all shapes and sizes," Anthony says. "That is important. We wanted to find the right denim that fits all shapes and sizes, and all women, and that is not an easy thing to do ... I want this line to be a reflection of what the world really looks like. Every woman should have the opportunity and access to feel beautiful and sexy and on-trend and fashionable."

Courtesy of Lord & Taylor

Anthony says Lord & Taylor was totally on board with the plan to serve all shapes and sizes of customers. That inclusivity, plus the low price point, is what Anthony says makes her most proud of the collection.

"I love that the quality of the jean wasn't sacrificed to have such an amazing price point," she says. "Sometimes, you get these jeans that are priced lower but after one wear or one wash, it's over with. We have great quality jeans but we didn't have to charge a million dollars for them."

The jeans also have inspirational quotes from one of Anthony's books stitched on the inside. It's just another detail that makes the wearer feel good and positive, besides the shape and silhouette.

Courtesy of Lord & Taylor

Personally, Anthony loves to build a look around a high-waisted cut in a dark wash. When it comes to the "day to play to slay" vibe, she says it's all about what you add and take away when styling jeans that makes them dressy or casual.

"I'm a jacket girl all day," she says. "I love a cropped jacket, a bomber, jean jacket, leather jacket. I throw a bodysuit or a tank top underneath. That is my go-to look."

As for her preferred jeans x footwear pairing, her shoe choices depend on her mood and activities.

"I have a 10-year-old, so if I am running around with him, it's definitely a flat or sneaker," Anthony says.

But if she wants to step it up (literally), she rocks a bootie or heel.

Since proper care and storage of denim is a legit concern for fashionistas and jean queens, Anthony has some tips to keep jeans in their best condition for as long as possible. Mainly, get a little comfortable being dirty.

"I am definitely not a fan of washing your jeans every time you wear them. I think that is the easiest way to ruin them or fade them out super quickly," she says. "At least get two good wears out of them before you wash them. Hanging them up and letting them air dry is another good tip when it comes to denim."

Now, get to playing and slaying.