You Can Now Buy A Lambrini Doughnut, Because Sparkling Perry Isn't Just For Sipping

Anyone who loves a sweet treat, I think you need to sit down. Sitting comfortably? OK, well, who doesn't love a bit of sweetness in their lives? Whether it's a chocolate bar you've squirrelled away in your desk drawer, or that fudge sundae you've been lusting over all week. Sugar is delicious. And you know what else is delicious? Booze. So marry booze and sugar and you have a lot of smiles. So the new Lambrini doughnut will have you feeling like a kid on Christmas.

Like the best things in life, this culinary invention is a little freaky but also kind of amazing. The exciting new collaboration is between one of the UK's best known libations and a much-loved gourmet doughnut company, Planet Doughnuts. Planet Doughnuts are based in Shrewsbury and are very well respected in the doughnut world.

This Lambrini doughnut is being made in celebration of both the launch of Lambrini's Fully Sparkling drink and National Doughnut Week. Yes, National Doughnut Week really is a thing. A thing which definitely needs to be celebrated more in my humble opinion. Is requesting it as a national holiday too far?

The doughnuts are fresh made and cooked to perfection. They are then frosted and packed with a delicious filling. One which is flavoured with that sweet, fizzy Lambrini. I know, it is all a bit strange but it is also very intriguing. It's then dusted with a gold edible shimmer, obviously, and then sprinkled with more pretty edible bits which are the jewels in the crown of this doughnut tiara.

So what is this sudden collaboration and all this doughnut madness about? Not only is this limited edition doughnut fab in terms of flavour, but it is also in terms of the meaning behind it. Yes, this doughnut comes with a donation to the Children's Trust. The Children's Trust is a charity that helps support children who are living with brain injuries and neurodisabilities. Their mission statement is: "Our ambition is that all children with brain injury and neurodisability have the opportunity to live the best life possible."

But maybe you're not a fan of Lambrini or just not feeling this flavour combo, but still want to help out? Well the good news is that all businesses taking part in National Doughnut Week will be donating a portion of their profits to the Children's Trust, according to the official National Doughnut Week website (yes, that's a thing). This mean you can basically live off doughnuts for the whole week while also helping out a brilliant cause. Win win. In a statement about this week of charitable doughnut noshing, ambassador for The Children's Trust and Question of Sport panellist Phil Tufnell said:

"I do hope that bakers, coffee shops and the public will get behind this year’s National Doughnut Week and help to raise as much money as possible for a very special charity."

Oh me oh my. Gird your loins and get your stretchy pants on, this is actually happening.

Search here for a bakery near you taking part in National Doughnut Week.