Lane Bryant’s Plus Size Lingerie Brand Is Expanding Down To Straight Sizes

For many, the search for the perfect bra can be a challenging experience. While one bra may fit seamlessly in the torso, the cup size could be way off in comparison. But if a brand has 86 sizes, you're bound to find the perfect fit. Lane Bryant's plus size lingerie brand Cacique Intimates is expanding down to straight sizes. After the expansion, the brand will offer a total of 86 sizes — from new straight sizes to its core plus styles.

More often than not fashion brands extend their clothing into plus sizes, but plus size brands doing the reverse is fairly uncommon. Historically, Cacique Intimates has catered solely to plus size people — but is switching gears as a standalone lingerie brand to offer band sizes in 32-50 and cup sizes A-K.

A press release from Cacique explains that the decision to expand down was because of the new brand mantra: "For the Love of Curves". The release states the brand wanted to push the idea that everyone deserves a fitted bra, no matter what size.

"With the recent size expansion comes a recognition that ALL women should have the opportunity to experience the impeccable fit and beautiful design that is offered throughout the brand’s assortment," the press release states.

Cacique is offered at and in Lane Bryant stores nationwide.

Not only has Cacique expanded its sizes for bras and panties, but the brand's sleep and loungewear is also now available in sizes 0-28. Plus, a swimwear expansion is currently in the works for summer, so that bod you got is summer-ready no matter what.

While this is a positive step for the brand, Cacique has already proven it's been a trailblazer for designing lingerie for people of various sizes. Per the press release, the brand has sold more than 150 million bras and 200 million panties over its 30 years selling undergarments and sleep apparel.

Cacique has pioneered itself as a major brand not only for inclusive sizing, but also inclusive shade ranges for the True Nude underwear that's seen in the size-expansion's campaign.

In Feb. 2019, the brand posted a video on its Instagram page where Gill Heer, Senior Vice President of Design for Cacique explained that the brand's True Nudes collection was inspired by makeup shades.

"When we designed this collection of true nudes, we really did a lot of research to make sure we got the color right for various different skin tones, including looking at makeup shades" Heer explained in the video. "The reason we've done this is because really during the summer or anytime you're wearing something sheer, you want your underwear to just disappear and not be the focus of your clothing."

Inclusive sizing? Check. Inclusive nude underwear? Check. This launch just goes to show that when brands work hard to include more people, every body wins.