Last Minute White Elephant Gifts That Can Ship Overnight

Listen, we have all been there. It's just a day or two prior to the White Elephant exchange (or Secret Santa, or Elfster — whatever you folks do) that you signed up for weeks ago, and you do not have a present still. It's not for lack of trying, you simply forgot until literally today. So, it's time to figure out where to buy a last minute White Elephant gift for that friend or coworker.

Finding a present that works for a White Elephant exchange between colleagues can be tough. You want to find a balance between sweet, useful, appropriate, and interesting — nothing too bananas, but definitely not a paperweight or a mug with the word "CUTE" on it. Of course, some of the hardest gifts to buy are ones for people who you know and love, like your best friends or your family members — especially if you are being told to stay under a certain price point, most likely under 20 or 30 bucks. It's got to be fun and playful, perhaps even a conversation starter.

Most importantly, you have got to be able to ship it overnight considering the holidays are literally just around the corner. If you're in a bind, these are the most clever gifts that can arrive in just a day to your home or office. Some even come wrapped already!

1. A Genius Pre-Stuffed Holiday Stocking


Magic Deals Men's Pre-Stuffed Holiday Stocking, $25, Amazon

Sure, this product's name says it's for men, but it's 100 percent perfect for receivers of any gender. It features a portable speaker set for your phone, noise-isolating earbuds, and a portable wine opening set that includes a wine drip spout, bottle opener, bottle stopper, and drip-stop collar — basically, everything you need to bring the party with you, except the wine. And it all comes wrapped up in a cute red stocking!

2. A Cute Collection Of Perfect Hair Day Picks


Living Proof Spread Cheer & Perfect Hair, $22 (was $25), Sephora

On top of including Living Proof's famous Perfect Hair Day shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo, this set is also on sale right now, so you can save a few bucks while getting an excellent gift set.

3. This Gorgeous Bamboo Kitchen Set


Greener Chef Bamboo Cutting Board Gift Set, $33, Amazon

If you run with a crowd that likes to cook a lot, this bamboo cutting board set is a great choice (and so easy to wrap up). It features a cutting board with a flat spatula, wide spoon, and tongs, all made out of naturally antibacterial bamboo.

4. A Surprisingly Useful Toilet Bowl Light


Sogrand Night Toilet Bowl Light, $18 for 2, Amazon

I know, this seems very strange to give at a White Elephant exchange, but hear me out. Not only is this weird toilet bowl light a totally unexpected gift, it's also extremely useful. It's one of those strange Amazon products that you think you'll never want, but then you get it and have no clue how you lived without it. This is probably best given at an exchange for friends given its oddity, though.

5. This Lovely Wearable Essential Oil Diffuser


Tree Of Life Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace, $29, Amazon

With four gorgeous essential oils including peppermint and lavender, this essential oil diffuser necklace is a creative and unique gift to give someone that will allow them to feel calmer throughout the day while accompanying any outfit with a cute statement piece.

6. Everyone's Favorite Card Game For Parties


Cards Against Humanity, $25, Amazon

This game debuted in 2011, it at first seemed like a strange idea — it's a raunchy, over-the-top card game intended to be played by adults, a demographic typically not known for playing games at parties. However, it exploded in popularity, and five years later, it still makes for the perfect gift for just about anyone over the age of 18 in your life.

7. Cheesecake — Yes, An Entire Cheesecake

Harry & David

Signature New York Style Cheesecake, $25 - $50, Harry & David

Everyone who gives food offers up some chocolate covered strawberries, peppermint bark, or a box of truffles, but let's be honest: an entire cheesecake is an even better gift. Creamy, rich, and perfect for pairing with fruit or drizzled fudge, this is is an amazing gift that works for just about everyone.

8. A Sampler Set Of Perfumes With A Bonus Certificate


Sephora Favorites Perfume Travel Sampler, $25, Sephora

Fragrance gifts are very difficult to buy for other people — you're never sure what their preferences are like without asking, and even then, you still can't be sure. Enter: fragrance samplers. With Sephora's handy little set, the receiver gets a collection of seven popular scents in little sample tubes, plus a redeemable certificate to get a full rollerball sized version of their favorite.

9. A Hat That Actually Connects To Bluetooth


Mocreo Bluetooth Knit Hat With Stereo Headphones & Microphone, $27, Amazon

You've seen "wearable tech," but you've never seen it quite like this before. This double knit beanie features both headphones and a microphone, so you never have to kick yourself for not bringing your earbuds with you again.

10. A Chic Shoulder Bag Filled With Little Gifts


Travel Nut Two Tone Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag, $29, Amazon

Not sure what to get a coworker? Pick this gorgeous brown faux leather bag up, then fill it up with cute little knick knacks like candies, lip balms, or any other little dollar store picks.

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