Laura Linney Gets A Happy Ending In The 'Love Actually' Sequel

Victoria Dawe/NBC

Sarah may not have changed her ringtone, but Red Nose Day Actually gave one of the most heart-breaking characters in Love Actually the happy ending that she — and most importantly fans of the epic romantic comedy, deserve. Patrick Dempsey is Laura Linney's husband in the Love Actually sequel. It's not Karl the enigmatic chief designer, but he'll do.

Their scene was small, and took place completely on the phone. It was a classic fake out. The audience was meant to feel that Sarah, staying late at work as always, was still answering calls from her brother — but surprise! It was her husband on the phone, played by the Grey's Anatomy and Bridget Jones' Baby star. Just checking in, just saying hello. It was very sweet, and lovely to see a character who was almost always anguished in the original film find happiness.

The first two parts of the reunion special showed Rowan Atkinson up to his old gift-wrapping tricks, and two of Love Actually's happy endings still together and thriving. Jamie may not have learned enough Portuguese to keep up with his wife Aurelia, but the fact that they have three kids and another on the way is certainly nice to see. Natalie and the Prime Minister, on the other hand, are happy as ever — and Hugh Grant is still dishing out both inspiring speeches and killer dance moves.

However, not everyone found love the first time around in Love Actually, and I'm glad that this sequel took a moment to remind us that things can work out. Sarah and Karl may be a tragedy, but her story didn't end there.