‘Bachelor’ Alum Lauren Bushnell’s Boyfriend Just Addressed Whether Or Not They’re Engaged

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Could there be wedding bells ringing in the near future for country singer Chris Lane and The Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell? That sure seems like a possibility, especially based on his most recent Instagram caption. Chris Lane's Comments On Lauren Bushnell indicate that his relationship with the Bachelor alum may be getting serious. No roses required.

On Jan. 30, the singer shared a photo of himself hanging out with his girlfriend's father Dave Bushnell on the golf course. However, the big story is the caption. Along with the photo, Lane wrote, "Great day on the course with my potential future father-n-law @dfbush62. Ready for the @wmphoenixopen tomorrow!"

Wait. What? Is he hinting at an engagement with that caption? No, that was actually not an engagement announcement.

Lane took to his Instagram Story to clarify what he meant by that photo caption. He captioned his Instagram Story with the caption "Service announcement I'm not engaged" along with some crying laughing emojis.

In the Instagram Story video, the singer clarified that caption with his Instagram followers. He said, "Y’all, just so you’re aware, I’m not engaged. I know some people may actually think that from my posts … but if you’ll read it, it said ‘future.'"

Not only did the post use the word "future," but he actually said "potential future." So, no, Bushnell and Lane are not engaged. However, that does seem like a realistic possibility at some point in the future.

The two of them went public with their relationship on Nov. 14, 2018 at the Annual BMI Country Awards. In an interview that night with Entertainment Tonight, Lane revealed, "Honestly, [for] about a month we have been hanging. I can say that this is my first date ever to any awards show. We're still early on, I do like her. She's awesome." She was his first date to an awards show? That sounds very significant.

In that same interview, he shared, "I think I actually met her at a show at some point and we became friends through that and kept in touch."

He even made this swoon-worthy remark: "The thing that I love about her now, that I didn't know then is that, while she is very beautiful, she has the best personality of anybody I've ever met. And that's my thing, I've always looked for a good personality and she's got it."

In a December 17 interview with People, Lane related his romance with Bushnell to his own hit song "Take Back Home Girl." He remarked, "We had no idea we were going to end up liking each other and it spawned into what it is now. ‘Take Back Home Girl’ took on a whole new meaning for me, especially now that she’s going to meet my parents."

In that interview, he discussed long distance dating. He explained, "We have to plan ahead a little bit because she is busy doing her own thing." He added, "She’s not used to dating an artist and the whole lifestyle that it brings — you’re constantly on the road doing something — but we both decided we would do whatever to make it work."

After that, the couple shared photos from Christmas 2018.

Bushnell hasn't done any interviews about their relationship, but she's shared a lot with her Instagram followers. In a Jan. 19 Instagram post, Bushnell wrote "luv u" in one of her captions.

On New Year's Day, Bushnell wrote, "so many blessings. plenty of lessons learned. lots of laughter, some tears. thankful for another year with loved ones. beyond grateful for you. happy new year." Lane shared that same photo and wrote, "I’ve never had more fun with anyone in my entire life!!"

From the looks of it, it doesn't seem to be a stretch that Chris Lane referred to Dave Bushnell as his "potential future father-in-law." They seem very happy together, they've met each other's families, they're supporting each other professionally, and they're even using the word "love."