People Are Obsessed With 'Law And Order: SVU's Flawless Use Of The 280 Character Tweet

Michael Parmelee/NBC

Whether you're a Law and Order: SVU super fan and have seen every episode (and that one with Jennifer Love Hewitt at least five times), or you just tune in for whatever rerun happens to playing at 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday when you're channel surfing — everybody knows the show's classic intro. Narrated by voiceover actor Steven Zirnkilton, the "these are their stories" opening segment plays before every one of of the series 400+ episodes. It's ingrained in the viewers' minds and the public consciousness, and that's why fans freaked out when the Law and Order: SVU Twitter account used the 280 characters to tweet out the opening narration in full. Yes, it even included the "dun dun" musical notes that close the intro.

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories. *DUN DUN*

Twitter's change from 140-character tweets to 280 was widely criticized, but the NBC show was pretty much universally praised by fans and non-fans alike for its creativity. This was the tweet the 280 characters update was built for. And, while many people were tweeting quotes from movies and shows following the character change, none were quite as successful as Law and Order: SVU's. To be completely fair, the tweet is actually only 272 characters (280 is hard AF to fill), but it was the thought that counted, and fans were absolutely living for the show's use of the new character limit.

Here's The Original Tweet In All Its Glory

And everyone's responses to it were the best.

Most People Read It In Zirkington's Voice

Um, same. How can you not? However, Zirnkilton said in an interview with Backstage that he doesn't actually get that many people who recognize his voice when he's out and about — or at least any that can place it.

"People will sometimes say, 'Wow you have a great voice,'" he said. "I don’t go around saying, 'In the criminal justice system.'" If he did, I bet everyone would know who he was immediately.

I also heard the "dun dun" sound in my head as well when I read this tweet — and I wasn't alone in that.

Without the "dun dun," it wouldn't have been complete. This is really what makes the tweet the viral hit is has become.

Many Agreed That This Was The Only Tweet Worth Those 280 Characters

This tweet is PERFECT and you can't say anything against it, so don't even try.

For Some People, It Changed Their Minds About 280 Characters Entirely

Who knew that people's minds could be so easily changed by a simple tweet? Well, anyone who understands the Law and Order: SVU fan base's dedication wouldn't be surprised. We are people who have stuck by for 19 seasons and multiple cast shakeups, guest stars, and twist plot lines. Of course we appreciate the words of wisdom from the show's official Twitter account.

The Tweet Also Inspired Some People To Talk About How They Were Already Watching It

Honestly, at any given point in the day, someone is always going to be watching. That's how fans all know that opening scene so well.

It Even Made Non Fans Stand Up And Take Notice

Even better was Law and Order: SVU's response of "may we interest you in a couple episodes or a binge?" Yes, please!

The Prevailing Sentiment Was That No One Could Top This

Many will try, many will fail, and everyone should probably give future attempts up. Law and Order: SVU won the day again, and everyone else can go home now.