Le Creuset Just Launched Mickey-Themed Cookware With Disney & It’s A ‘90s Kid’s Dream

Attention, Disney lovers. With Le Creuset's Mickey Mouse cookware collection, everyone will be clamoring to be your guest, but I wouldn't worry about them putting your service to the test. Known for its colorful cast iron products, Le Creuset is beloved by home cooks around the world — and I probably don't need to explain Disney's cultural significance to you. Last spring, the two brands teamed up to create a Beauty and the Beast-inspired soup pot, followed by limited-edition cocottes shaped like the poisonous apple from Snow White in November. Now, as of Tuesday, Jan. 23, the two brands launched a new addition to their collaboration: the Mickey Mouse collection.

Available through Williams Sonoma as well as Le Creuset's online and retail stores, the products include a cast iron Dutch oven and two ramekins shaped like the iconic mouse's head and ears. If you're thinking Mickey's cartoonish features would ruin your carefully-chosen home decor, don't fret. The 4.5-quart Dutch oven is just about as classy as you can get for cookware inspired by an animated rodent. The ruby-red pot is decorated with a "Mickey applique," and the lid's stainless steel knob is adorned with a single Mickey silhouette.

According to Le Creuset's website, the Dutch oven's adorable design doesn't take away from its functionality. The outer enamel is "shock-resistant to prevent chipping and cracking," while the inner enamel "promotes caramelization, prevents sticking and resists stains." In other words, it's pretty close to non-stick. If you're an avowed Disney fan who loves to cook, this is the cookware for you -- provided you're willing to drop $350 on a Dutch oven.

Mickey Mouse Round Dutch Oven, $350, Le Creuset and Disney

Then there's the set of two ramekins, each shaped like Mickey Mouse's instantly recognizable head. One comes in the same deep red as the Dutch oven, while the other comes in black. For $50, you, too, can serve your guests Disney-themed creme brulee, thereby cementing your status as the coolest dinner party host in the area. (Unless, horror of all horrors, someone else bought the same ramekins, and you're forced to fight to the death by chocolate.)

Mickey Mouse Ramekins (Set of 2), $50, Le Creuset and Disney

In a statement provided to Pop Sugar, Le Creuset of America CEO Faye Gooding recognized that Disney appeals to adults as well as children. "This exciting new line is intended to delight Mickey Mouse fans of all ages around the world, and we're thrilled to announce this collaboration," she said.

To truly Disney up your kitchen, you can purchase the aforementioned Beauty and the Beast-inspired soup pot, delicately decorated with a rose on the lid, and the Snow White apple-shaped cocotte set, which comes with a tea towel and commemorative charm. Of course, the whole collection comes with a hefty price tag. If you were to buy one of each item through Le Creuset's website, it would add up to at least $910 before tax. If I were you, I would wish upon a star for it to manifest in my kitchen first.

Disney is notoriously protective of its brand, routinely entering legal battles over copyright infringement. (Currently, it's fighting to keep the movie rental company Redbox from selling digital movie codes to Disney movies, and it once sued a Pennsylvania theater company for staging a musical featuring Disney characters like Mary Poppins.) Basically, it's harder than you might think to find official Disney collaborations, so if you're on a lifelong journey to collect as much stuff from the Mouse House as possible, now is your chance to stock up your kitchen.

Mickey Mouse Round Dutch Oven, $350, Le Creuset and Disney | Mickey Mouse Ramekins (Set of 2), $50, Le Creuset and Disney

Yes, there might be some poor, unfortunate souls who don't understand why you would drop hundreds of dollars on Disney-themed kitchenware, but there's an easy solution: Just don't cook for them.