Lea Michele Is Releasing New Music Soon, So Gleeks Everywhere Can Rejoice

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As a forever Gleek, but an honest one, I can admit that the show had its pitfalls. Despite its faults, you can't simply gloss over all of the iconic pop culture moments it bred in its prime. In fact, even in the waning seasons, the music produced by the McKinley High students and alumni was top-notch. Which is why the past two years have felt almost... silent to anyone who was used to getting regular Glee covers. The good news? Glee queen, Lea Michele, revealed that her new album is coming out soon in an Instagram post, which is just about the best thing a nostalgic fan could ask for.

Actually, I lied — the news gets better. In the same Instagram (and Twitter) post, the singer explained, "There will be live shows coming sooner than you think." To which I am sure all fellow Gleeks and Michele fans would say, "Take all my money." I am not certain there's a person who can rock a live performance quite like this Broadway baby has proven she can time and time again. So, the thought of a live performance after a long, lonely Glee drought sounds like a pop concert heaven.

While Michele kept the logistics of the "when" of the album release and "where" the live shows would be taking place a secret, she did ask us all to "stay tuned." And I mean, if one of her latest live performances is any indication, both the music and the shows will be totally worth the wait. Just check out the Christmas performance below.

So long as Michele keeps singing, it's like Rachel Berry never left. Lucky for fans, though, we can experience how Michele's voice and musical stylings have progressed since Glee and her last album, Louder, and that's kind of even better than a Glee club rendition of a pop song, anyhow.