Lea Michele's New "Sunlight Brunette" Hair Might Just Be The Perfect Summer Color

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The summer sun can lighten up your hair as you play in the surf and lay out by the pool, but sometimes a hair appointment is needed to nudge your strands towards a truly sun-kissed look. That's why Lea Michele's "Sunlight Brunette" hair color is going to be the perfect summer hue. It involves a rich, brown base, plus a few natural-looking golden highlights and an all-over gloss.

Nikki Lee is the stylist behind the look, who gave Michele the new hair color for the actor's wedding. "This is 'Sunlight Brunette,' which features rays of sunshine sparkling throughout her hair," Lee shares with Bustle. "We also took some length off for fun now that the wedding is over!"

Lee is a celebrity hairstylist and co-owner of the Melrose Place salon, Nine Zero Nine. Among her clients are A-listers like Emma Roberts, Britney Spears, and Selena Gomez. She is also the stylist behind Sarah Hyland's latest shag look.

Lee transformed Michele's naturally dark brown hair for her wedding, which took place on March 9. "The color was a classic brunette, with beautiful golden highlights," Lee says. "For weddings, I always create a timeless color. I don’t want anything too trendy as I want the bride’s photos to remain timeless."

Michele had a Sophia Loren-inspired bridal beauty look, and chose a center-parted low chignon for her hairstyle. "I have a vision for my hair and makeup. Like, I want that to be pretty simple,” Michele told People. “I don’t want to look back, and feel like, ‘I did a high pony because that was cool!’ Which is great, but you know, I want it to be something that’s gonna be classic, that I can look back on forever and feel like I made the right decision.”

After the nuptials, the newlyweds went on a tropical honeymoon. The sun teased out Michele's highlights even more, and lightened the bronze shade to gold.

When Michele came back, she made a hair appointment with Lee and the stylist helped to solidify that sun-kissed look. "On Lea’s honeymoon, her hair got lighter. So I just glossed her hair to that beautiful sunlight color. We wanted to make sure it didn’t get brassy," Lee explains. "It’s the perfect color for spring and summer. It’s part from the salon and part natural from enjoying her honeymoon in paradise."

If you love getting highlights but don't have the budget or the desire to get root touch-ups every four weeks, then this "Sunlight Brunette" look is perfect. The highlights start low at the crown, and they thread a few lightened strands throughout your natural color. You can easily grow out this look without looking like you didn't have the time to step into a salon.

But that is not to say there is zero upkeep involved. In order to keep the golden color from fading, it is helpful to have quality hair products to treat your hair. "Magic Myst by In Common is my go-to product for healthy color and texture," Lee shares.

Enjoy a low-fuss hair color this summer, all while giving the impression you live at the beach. Lee proves you don't have to go on a tropical getaway to cinch this look — though it wouldn't hurt!