Leave Hallie Biden And Hunter Biden Alone

Getty Images & Ron Sachs/REX/Shutterstock

A high-profile, new relationship is attracting some harsh commentary from social media, even though it should be the least of anyone's concerns. Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden are dating, with former Vice President Joe Biden's blessing, but many people aren't happy about it. Negative reactions to the news were strangely common on social media, but if you have any opinions about Hallie and Hunter's relationship, you really shouldn't. It's none of your business, so let them be happy in peace.

Hallie is the widow of Beau Biden, Joe's oldest son, who died in May 2015 after a two-year battle with brain cancer. His brother, Hunter, with whom Beau survived the car crash that claimed the lives of their mother and sister in 1972, separated from his wife, Kathleen, shortly after his brother's death. Now, Hallie and Hunter have started dating, and their families seem to be thrilled about their ability to support each other through the difficult time.

"We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness," read Joe's statement on their relationship, released earlier this week.

If you think it's strange for a person to date their deceased sibling's former spouse, don't. First of all, people marrying their sibling's widow or widower is a lot more common than you might think. Going back to biblical days, second marriages stayed within families to share resources and provide security. In more recent times, it's not uncommon to hear of a person who dated their spouse's sibling before their marriage, and those families usually end up just fine.

Even without the social and historical context, it makes a lot of sense that people would fall in love with siblings, particularly after suffering the joint trauma of one of the sibling's death. You get to see all the things you loved about your late spouse reflected in their sibling, and you get to know a person you already love, in a familial context, from a new perspective. Beau obviously loved and respected his brother enough to name one of his children after his brother, so it seems like a safe bet to say that he would likely be happy Hallie and Hunter found love when they needed it.

Most importantly, there's just no reason for anyone to care that much about who Hallie or Hunter is dating. You have no place to comment on their relationship and ascribe your individual norms and beliefs to their lives. Hallie doesn't eternally "belong" to Beau or any patriarchal nonsense like that, and she is allowed to choose whom she dates. There's no context (involving consenting adults) in which it's acceptable to dictate whom or how to love.

Non-traditional or unique families are something to celebrate, not disparage, so don't shame Hallie and Hunter for their choice. If they and their children are happy and safe, nothing else, and certainly not strangers' opinions, should be important. It doesn't matter how Hunter and Hallie's relationship started, what matters is that they are happy together. Let's remove a little judgment from the world and just let the new couple find a little joy in love.