This Unisex Brand Carries Your New Fave Underwear

If you are a fashion fiend, you are no doubt familiar with Agent Provocateur, the supremely sexy and luxe lingerie brand launched by Serena Rees. Well, according to Business of Fashion, Rees is switching gears with her modern and inclusive intimates and streetwear brand Les Girls Les Boys, which launches on Sept. 1 with 100 pieces and is a totally different (but super cool) concept from the brand on which she built her rep. What's special about this venture, which will offer both underthings and streetwear? Les Girls Les Boys pieces are unisex and are meant to be worn by both men and women.

According to The Business of Fashion, Rees, an MBE recipient who has a background in fashion photography and at Vivienne Westwood, dreamed up the idea for an inclusive undies-and-more brand after seeing how her stepchildren shared their clothes. That inspired her to fill the need for "an open-minded brand with a more diverse story to tell." Yes and yes!

Clearly, this brand is looking beyond gender-specific dressing on a whole other level and is targeted towards millennials.

Rees also told BOF that LGLB is for "the customer who treads their own path, are proud of who they are, and proud of who they love. The idea of 'bed to street' is core to our brand philosophy — blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. This is the new sexy."

The new sexy indeed! So far, we've only seen the logo. I dig the idea of rocking a pair of comfy, roomy but still sexy undies that look effortlessly borrowed from my dude during a mad rush to get dressed. I am quite interested in how these items will translate from the sheets to the street and how they will dim the gender parameters. The brand will offer up briefs, bodysuits, joggers, and jammies that fall anywhere from $25 to $143 on the price scale.

There are some other gender-fluid underwear brands out there that you can currently shop, such as All Is Fair in Love and Wear, which is designed for the transgender community and includes modification garments and binders. The goal of this co.'s garments is to be comfy, effective, and attractive.

The aesthetic of Rees' other brand, Agent Provacateur, takes a different approach with more straightforward lacy designs.

So, where can you shop Les Girls Les Boys? Via the brand's site, which will be a sales platform, along with Nordstrom and Shopbop, according to BoF. I already signed up for updates via the landing page on the brand's site, and you should too.