Let Britney Spears' In-Home Fashion Show Brighten Your Day — VIDEO

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Continuing to thrive as she's been doing recently, Britney Spears tweeted a video of herself having a fashion show at home on Friday. She's got three different looks, and she can work, b*tch. Brit Brit knows how to strut, because everywhere is a runway when you're Britney Spears. In this case, her runway is a couple of rugs in what looks like her foyer, but Spears transforms them. She's taking a break from her Vegas show until March 22, but that doesn't mean she's not going to give her fans something.

Spears' fashion show has three looks: an orange body-con dress, a long-sleeved black dress with a Peter Pan collar that's reminiscent of Wednesday Addams (except, it's on B. Spears), and a strappy low-cut number. The show is set to the tune of Desiigner's "Panda," which somehow fits with Spears' little shimmy and smile. And she looks amazing in everything! Maybe I'm just biased because I love her.

The 35-year old singer has recently been sharing her workout routines on Instagram, lifting weights and doing yoga, as well as a picture of her in a bucolic field with a crop top looking absolutely ripped. Spears is having an outstanding 2017, even if the rest of us are paralyzed with fear in this political climate. Her runway video is a reminder there is still good in the world, and her fans are going wild for it.

The Twitter replies are hysterical. Among many crying gifs, there are also comments like, "Gigi Hadid has died," "All these Victoria's Secret girls are shaking," and several "Queen of the runway" tweets. I can't argue.