Let The Genius Organization Of This Pantry Be Your Meal-Prepping Inspiration

Speaking as someone who loves to cook at home, but who also lives in a New York City apartment with minimal kitchen cabinet space, I like to think I know the importance of a carefully organized pantry. And in this particular case, "pantry" actually just refers to the nearly out-of-reach kitchen shelves located directly above my oven. (Whatever works, am I right?)

The same sentiment of maintaining a smartly arranged storage space is true no matter if you live in a newly renovated house in the suburbs with a walk-in pantry, or if your kitchen storage situation is more akin to my own. When it comes to putting together a shopping list and getting yourself ready to meal prep for the week, there's just no denying that the entire process is so much easier if all it takes is a quick glance into your cabinets to see which ingredients you're fully stocked up on and which ones are running low.

To ensure that your meal-prepping goals are manifested into reality, Bustle has partnered with Pacific Foods to take a deep dive in search of the internet's smartest, simplest tips for organizing your own pantry for optimal meal-prepping success. Check out the tips below, stock up on a few key ingredients (like versatile and nourishing Pacific Foods Bone Broths), and let yourself go forth and meal prep with confidence.

Allison Gore/Bustle

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