The Weight Loss Transformation Narrative Is Total Garbage

by Amanda Richards

Every episode, The Bodcast tells a different story about living in a marginalized body, in America, in 2017. This week on The Bodcast, host Amanda Richards shares her own experience with weight loss transformation (or the idea of it, anyways). We also talk to Ariel Woodson, a fat activist and host of the popular radical fat acceptance podcast, Bad Fat Broads, about the drastic decision she made in pursuit of her own transformation — and why it didn’t work out as she planned.

If you're a woman navigating the world, you've likely heard the story before: Whether you're 20 or 200 pounds "overweight," the loss of that weight will completely change your life. Unfortunately, while that weight loss transformation narrative sounds promising, it's also complete and utter bullshit. Weight loss transformation is a powerful idea for many people, and it’s not surprising: Media constantly inundates us with the idea that weight loss will dramatically improve our lives. Drop the fat, the world says, and you'll make room for more lovers, better jobs, travel, money, and much, much more.

On this week's episode of The Bodcast, host Amanda Richards and fat activist Ariel Woodson explore the weight loss transformation narrative and dissect it through a personal lens. Hear their anti-transformation transformation stories below.