Liam Payne's "Bedroom Floor" Music Video Is Here & Fans Are Loving It

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Liam Payne has been killing it in the music world ever since One Direction parted ways. Like his fellow former boybanders, he's been making a name for himself in the industry outside of the ultra-popular music group. Payne recently gave fans a taste of some more of his new music with the release of his new music video for "Bedroom Floor" which stars Bella Thorne. And it's safe to say that fans were totally into the video.

The former Shake It Up actress was in truly good form as she starred in the video for Payne's latest single. The vid shows Thorne in a turbulent relationship while Payne croons in the background. She eventually (and triumphantly) kicks her beau to the curb and throws his clothes into a pool. Talk about girl power!

It's no surprise that Payne's catchy single would deliver such a striking music video. And, even though Thorne doesn't lend her vocals to the track, it's so fun to see her and Payne together. A mashup between a former member of One Direction and a former Disney darling? That's basically a match made in heaven. It's not surprising that the fandom world has gone wild over this collaboration.

And they definitely did go wild. So many fans took to Twitter to talk about how much they love everything about this music video.

These Fans Were Loving Everything About The Vid

One fan tweeted, "Obsessed With The Video For #BedroomFloor @LiamPayne On The Way To LA Watching It On Repeat." If that statement wasn't enough, their heart-eyed emoji indicates that they're indeed totally vibing the video.

Congrats Were In Order

Another fan was so proud of Payne and said, "I'm really proud of you @LiamPayne. It's a beautiful song and a great video. I love you. Congratulations. You deserve that #BedroomFloor" and capped off their kind words with a heart emoji.

The Video Is Hot

Another user explained how fire the music video was using some emojis. "This new music video for #BedroomFloor from @LiamPayne is just [flame emojis]". Basically, the vid is too hot to handle.

Other Fans Found A New Appreciation For "Bedroom Floor" After Seeing The Vid

A couple of fans touched upon the fact that the music video for "Bedroom Floor" made them see the song in a new light. Twitter user Summerflower said that the music video, "Really makes me get the song even more! And I love the different perspective, as well!"

Seeing The Song In A New Light

This fan said, "This music video made me see the song differently and I love what you did with the concept!! Love u"

Loving Liam & Bella Together

One fan was loving Payne and Thorne in the vid. They tweeted, "@LiamPayne oh gosh. I LOVED THE #BedroomFloor video! YOU AND BELLA WERE AMAZING. Thank you thank you."

Thorne's Amazing Performance

One Thorne fan praised her performance in the music video and said, "Bella you are a phenominal [sic] actress ur a treat to watch!! ... amazing video guys good job!!"

So Much Praise

This fan couldn't help but praise both Thorne and Payne after viewing the music video collaboration. They tweeted, "Bella is fire in #bedroomfloor and Liam is looking incredible! Love this".

Some Fans Were Just Enamored By Liam

Another fan wasn't wrong when they said, "Liam looking like a full course meal in the #BedroomFloor music video."

Loving Well-Dressed Liam

User Just Like Anna tweeted about how good Payne was looking in his suit. And, they're 100% right on that one.

Everything about the "Bedroom Floor" music video was looking amazing, and fans obviously took notice. And based on this video, and Payne's music career post-One Direction, fans will definitely be in for even more catchy singles and equally awesome music videos from the singer.