Lidl's New Air Purifying Plants Are Here To Make You A Fresh AF Plant Mum

Clique Images/Stocksy

Anyone who's anyone knows that plants are what make a house a home. Really, I mean have you ever read an interiors magazine? Or like, have you been on Instagram? Anyhow, plants are not only super gorgeous and cute for your social media but y'all some plants have incredible abilities. Ones you might not even have thought of. We all know about plants that have healing properties, and even ones that can poison people (eek) but did you know that some can purify air? Even better, that Lidl now sells air purifying plants.

Stop the lights, shut the front door, and put a fork in me — I am done. Plants that can make the air I breathe better for me and also make my home look lit AF? At a bargain basement price? Hallelujah!

So the famously reasonable retailer has long stocked a very impressive indoor and outdoor plant selection. One that is undeniably one of the most low cost options for any gardener. From your nervous first time plant mom (maybe you) to your very own Charlie Dimmock (no brag, me).

This latest move to sell air purifiers includes different genus of plants that are not only gorgeous but hardy as can be. Let me tell you what they've got so you can ruminate on your choice ahead of nipping down Lidl to get involved.

OK the humble spider plant. Oh how we love you! Dare I say that these little babes are fairly indestructible and they are some of the easiest plants to propagate. What's propagation I hear you ask? Well it's making more plants out of the ones you have. Meaning not only can you make more plants for yourself but also for all of your BFFs. So this little plant, at less than the cost of a pint, will be the mother of many more spider plants.

Aloe vera is not only good for it's incredible air purifying abilities but also for its topical healing properties. Aloe vera is well known as being a wonderful natural topical remedy for irritated, inflamed skin. So you bet this white-as-a-sheet Irish gal has used a lot of it in her time. You can literally break off a stem and put the natural gel straight on your skin. How effing witchy is that? And at such a low price, it will have paid for itself in sparkly fresh air and glowy skin in no time.

OK guys the snake plant, which also has the super misogynistic name "mother in law's tongue," is another plant famed for being pretty much indestructible. It is known to do best if you completely forget about it and let it completely dry out between waterings. It is elegant AF and will make any home look fresh.

The main thing to remember though with your lovely plant family is that like people, you get out of plants what you put into them. Also — you can never ever have too many. Enjoy.