Life's About To Get Less Dull Thanks To These 43 Badass Products On Amazon

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I've always thought the coolest person in the James Bond movies isn't Bond himself, but rather Q — Bond's gadget guru. Although you can't pick through the killer toys in Bond's arsenal, the good news is that your own life is about to get significantly less dull with these killer Amazon products that'll cut your problems in half. Thanks to Jeff Bezos (founder and CEO of Amazon), it's almost like you have your own personal Q to supply your next brilliant purchase.

These products are the best of the best — the items you'll find yourself recommending to friends over and over again. For example, if you haven't yet read Jen Sincero's You Are A Badass, this nontraditional self-help read is definitely worth your time. And when it comes to actual gadgets, I'm kind of in love with this hydration backpack that comes in 11 zingy holographic color choices and these solar-powered lawn torches that look exactly like real flames. Finally, be sure to check out this cup that will make you a smoothie or a shake all by itself — no power needed — thanks to its unique core that you store in the freezer until you're ready to go.

No, this list doesn't contain the ballpoint pen that can take out an entire block, but I'm thinking the co-op board or your homeowner's association would frown on that anyway. So put your plans for world domination on hold and indulge your inner geek with these fun, helpful, badass products from Amazon.

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