These Silver Lip Balm Necklaces Are The Grown Up Version Of Your Fave '90s Accessory

Remember those necklaces from the '90s that carried your favorite lip balm? Well, there's now a grown-up version. Lilu Lip Care created a sterling silver lip balm necklace, so you can take you shade with you everywhere you go — pockets or no pockets. No one will know that you're carrying balms around with you in the accessory, either. Until, you know, you untwist the top and apply the product.

The only thing better than a throwback accessory is one that you can still rock decades late. Lilu Lip Care's necklaces are exactly that. The brand created four different styles all made with .925 sterling silver that is designed specifically to hold little lip balm pearls that the brand has created.

Just like the necklaces, there are four different lip balms to choose from. There's Simple Shimmer, Radiant Red, Perfect Pink, and Berry Blush. You can even get an assortment pack, so that you can try them all. You don't need a new necklace to try different shades, either. Each necklace is made to be refillable.

Once you use all of your lipstick, just pop the old pearl out and put a new one in. This is way more than just your typical '90s gimmick. This necklace is an accessory that is camouflaged as a high end outfit add-on.

Courtesy Lilu Lip Care

The only catch of these high-end accessories are, well, that they really are high end. Each necklace is $149 each. While that is a whole lot more than the one you had in the '90s, this one is made out of sterling silver. You will get a pack of lip balms to put in it though, so that's an added bonus. After that, you'll have to stock up on replacement sets, which come with five pearls for $9.99.

Here's a look at every single necklace in the collection. Even if you don't end up buying and of these accessories, you'll get a nostalgic flashback to an item that grew up — just like you did.

1. Cosette

2. Olivia

3. Camille

4. Justine

5. Lip Balm

This is pretty much the chicest way to carry lip balm since the '90s.