Lin-Manuel Miranda Singing The 'Magic School Bus' Theme Song Is Just As Catchy As The Original — VIDEO

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Netflix released the first trailer for the highly-anticipated Magic School Bus reboot, and Lin-Manuel Miranda singing The Magic School Bus theme song will immediately bring back all of your favorite memories with Ms. Frizzle. Times have changed in The Magic School Bus Rides Again, but thankfully some things, like the catchy theme song, never do.

In the upcoming series, which premieres September 29, the Ms. Frizzle '90s kids know and love has graduated to Professor Frizzle (Lily Tomlin). Now, she passes the torch to her younger sister Fiona (Kate McKinnon), deemed "the new Ms. Frizzle," to take kids on new wacky and unpredictable adventures.

With unconventional field trips to places like the arctic, the rainforest, outer space, and inside the human body, nothing is certain for what the new season holds. But one thing fans can count on to help relive the good old days is the opening song. The remake of the Magic School Bus theme song has the same tune and even the same lyrics as the original, and it's enough to immediately transport viewers to 1994. Plus, Lin-Manuel Miranda has the vocals and uplifting spirit to make audiences ready for any new adventure.

With the big news revealed on Tuesday, Miranda is just as (if not more) excited as fans, taking to Twitter to share the MSB love. "Hey Lin Magic School Bus is coming back do you want to sing th- YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES," Miranda wrote just after the new trailer was released. And no permission slip can quite dictate what Ms. Frizzle's students are about to experience.

With a more slicked 'do and her sidekick, chameleon lizard Liz, along for the ride, the trailer teases some of Ms. Frizzle's upcoming lessons in which she tells the bus to "do your stuff." The trailer shows snippets of students around monkeys in the forest, swimming near daunting sea creatures, among the galaxy's stars, and exploding from a volcano.

The reboot may have a new teacher and remade theme song, but still has the same promise, imagination, and excitement that comes with the limitless Magic School Bus.