Lipslut Lipstick Will Donate ALL Proceeds To Reproductive Rights Organizations

Courtesy of Lipslut

Lipstick can do much more than add pretty pigment to your pout. It can actually be a high-impact tool for change. Socially minded makeup brand Lipslut is currently donating 100% of its lipstick sales to the fight for reproductive rights, which are being threatened by Alabama's recent ban on abortion. The fundraiser is active from now through May 24.

Lipslut is known for its "F*ck Trump" lipsticks and bold packaging features pop art designs. The brand, which launched as a protest brand after President Trump's 2016 election, sells gorgeous and long-lasting matte liquid lippies that are the perfect shades of pink, purple, and red. Most of Lipslut's lipstick drops have been cause-driven reactions to alarming political moves, like Trump's immigration policies or Judge Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination.

According to the press materials that Bustle received from brand founder Katie Sones, Lipslut's reproductive rights fundraiser is committed to assisting organizations that "provide reproductive healthcare, work to make abortion more accessible, and fight to take down unfair laws."

With the abortion ban threatening access to legal abortions, Sones reacted swiftly and accordingly with this fundraiser. "Seeing the safety, rights, and autonomy of millions of women being stripped away is quite frankly a waking nightmare," Sones tells Bustle via email. "I don’t want myself or anyone else to live in a world where we’re not in control of our own bodies."

This effort to protect and support reproductive right falls in line with Lipslut's ethos. In its bio, Lipslut states its mission clearly, writing, "Expect us to provide the best possible products, and to work hard towards solving the issues you care about. Join Lipslut on our path to changing the world one face at a time."

Each rich and velvety lipstick is $19.95, vegan, and cruelty-free. Usually the brand gives 50% of proceeds to rotating charities. However, for the next few days, 100% is going to charities helping to provide reproductive health and abortion access.

Head over to the Lipslut site and enter the "KEEP ABORTION SAFE" code when checking out. You can grab a F*ck Trump lippie, which is a gorgeous and mid-tone nude pink. F*ck Kavanagh is a deep, brick red hue, while Leftylibglobalistsantifacommiesocialisthollyweirdopigs, which takes it name from an internet troll's insult, is a cool and gothic purple shade.

Courtesy of Lipslut

You can also celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg by picking up the Notorious R. B. G., a beautiful berry shade inspired by the iconic Supreme Court judge.

Even the limited edition Lipslut Lab shades, which are colors currently in development but are available for fans who want to try colors early as the brand builds its suite of products, are eligible to support the fundraiser.

Courtesy of Lipslut

Previously, Lipslut raised over $100,000 to fight injustices. But the brand isn't stopping there. Rather, it continues to harness the power of makeup and turn it into an agent of change.