Every Penny Made From This 'F*ck Hollywood' Lipstick Goes To Help Sexual Assault Survivors

Courtesy Lipslut

Charitable makeup products are nothing new to the beauty world, but this brand is going above and beyond. Everything from the color to the packaging of Lipslut's products is bold — and, most importantly, the proceeds to a good cause. Lipslut created the F*ck Hollywood lipstick to support sexual assault survivors and grow your lippie collection at the same time. Because sometimes lipstick speaks louder than words.

The Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations recently rocked Hollywood, giving a glimpse into the injustices happening behind the silver screen. Now, Lipslut is using its charitable mission to make sure survivors of assault in Hollywood and beyond have the resources they need.

Half of the proceeds from every purchase of Lipslut's F*ck Hollywood lipstick go toward organizations helping address violence against women. Not only do you get a gorgeous lip color with your purchase, but you'll also get to choose one of six anti-violence organizations to receive 100 percent of the proceeds. The options are Futures Without Violence, National Alliance To End Sexual Assault, National Network To End Domestic Violence, NO MORE, Planned Parenthood, or the Rape, Abuse, And Incest National Network.

"I don’t think a few good movies every year warrants systemic 'sexual misconduct,'" the brand said in a press release. "With the amount of focus this topic has been given, I think there is a chance for us to get involved and make a small difference in workplace sexism and abuse at large."

Courtesy Lipslut

The brand first popped onto the scene after the 2016 presidential election with its F*ck Trump lipstick, which was created as part of a school project looking to make a change in the world. F*ck Trump, the first and only lipstick other than F*ck Hollywood, donates to various women's charities.

Just like the first launch, F*ck Hollywood is a liquid lipstick, but this time is a completely different color. The brand refers to it as "an outspoken true red." It's available for pre-order right now on the Lipslut website. Each tube is $19.95, making each purchase a donation of almost $10 after manufacturing costs.

Because the product is for pre-order, the lippie won't ship out right away. According to the website, all orders will be sent out in January 2018.

Courtesy Lipslut

Lipsticks aren't the only products the subversive brand has in the works. According to Lipslut's website, you'll soon be able to get Lipslut merch. The first product available for pre-sale is a denim cap with the brand's logo.

The Lipslut hat is available on the website right now for $29.95. Unlike Lipslut's beauty products, the first-ever merch item does not have a charitable lean. The item is unisex with the site claiming that one size fits most. It will start shipping out February 2018.

Courtesy Lipslut

Beauty products aren't the key to solving the world's problems, but items like F*ck Hollywood are a great to incorporate giving into your regular routine. Items like these lippies raise awareness and give back at the same time, which makes tackling injustices as simple as reevaluating where you buy your next lipstick.

After all, what you buy matters — and where that money goes matters even more. So why not get a great shade and fight a systematic injustice at the same time?