Lipstick Queen's Lipstick Chess Collection…

High school chess champions rejoice, you can now bring your love of the classic strategy game to your makeup bags. And those of you that could never wrap your head around how many spaces a knight takes, this just might inspire you to learn: Lipstick Queen's new Lipstick Chess Collection reinvents the old game with sassy colors.

Coming in black and white tubes meant to represent the pawns usually found on a chess board, the collection carries a range that spans from soft nudes to berry pinks and crimson reds. While it might not have funkier shades like blue or purple, it definitely pins down the classic basics a person might reach for on a normal weekday (or if they're not feeling particularly cheeky.)

If you're wondering if it'll give you a matte or glossy look, the formula runs towards a flatter color — but one that doesn't leave your lips dry or cakey. "All of the new lipsticks in the chess-themed collection have a super velvety matte finish that applied with just one swipe from the black-and-white bullet. The formula is packed with hydrating ingredients like vitamin E and natural oils, so you won't have to break out one of M.A.C.'s new lip scrubs after a day of wearing these babies," Allure reported.

The collection caries six different colors, each of them named after a chess piece. "Ruby Red Queen" is a light (not in-your-face) red, and "Rich Berry King" is a rich berry. "Deep Plum Rook" is — you guessed it — a deep plum, while "Dashing Mocha Knight" gives you the dark brown, '90s vibes we all seem to be after this past year. "Determined Mauve Bishop" is a pretty, subtle mauve color, and "Subtle Nude Pawn" is a classic nude shade.

If you're itching to get your hands on the set, you won't have to wait too long. According to Allure, the collection is launching in Jan. on for 24 dollars each. It might have a department store price, but it might be worth the money when it comes to your love of novelty pieces — and classic makeup hues. It's your move!

Images: Lipstick Queen