You Need To See Lisa Rinna Wearing Long Hair & Totally “Owning It"

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Dorit Kemsley isn't the only Beverly Hills housewife who can change up her hairstyle. Lisa Rinna wore long hair on Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. Seriously, just wait until you see her temporary new look. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star appeared on the late-night talk show sporting hair extensions and it's so strange to see her this way. It's hard to picture Rinna with long hair, because, well, she's been wearing the same hairstyle for ages. That said, there's no denying she can totally rock long hair.

Thanks to hairstylist Julius Michael, Rinna was able to pull of the "femme fatale" look, as Michael called it on Instagram. While chatting with People Wednesday, the Housewife reflected on her long locks: "The last time I grew my hair out was when I had Delilah Belle. So, 19 years ago! It was time, what the hell!"

She continued by joking her friend and fellow RHOBH co-star, Erika Girardi, aka Erika Jayne, influenced her. "I think spending the last two years with Erika Jayne has rubbed off on me. It really has. She has the most fabulous hairdos." The 54-year-old reality star continued, "And in September, Julius and I did my hair off my face and it was really fun. This seemed like the next thing to try!"

Michael achieved the look with help from 14 inches of Hidden Crown Hair clip-in extensions, he explained to People. "I wanted to do something different, dramatic and more youthful," he said.

Well, she definitely looks different and the long hair is gaining a lot of attention on Twitter. Basically, she's owning it, just like she always says she does about the drama she stirs on Bravo. It seems that most everyone is loving Rinna with long hair, including RHOBH's Camille Grammer, who tweeted that her co-star looked "Hot!" Oh, and former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville also praised Rinna (*gasp*).

Here's how the rest of Twitter is reacting to Rinna's long hair.

It's So Good

But she also pulls off the short hair too.

This Gif Says It All

Get it, Rinna.

It's Making People Scream

*bows down*

It's Fire

She's working it.

Talk About "Fierce"

Yes, Lisa. Yes.

She's Like Barbie

She pulls it off for sure.

Is That Lisa Rinna?

Who else had to do a double take?

The WWHL Poll Is The Deciding Factor

She may have to clip in those extensions more often.

As previously mentioned, the long hair was only temporary. Michael removed the extensions after WWHL, which you can watch below in an Instagram shared by the hairstylist. In the video, Rinna says, "Imagine this on your body," as she points to the long hair. "I don't know what that feels like. It's been years."

Throughout the removal process, she is shown with half long hair and half short hair, which isn't the best look. Through laughter, Rinna declares, "It's like a really bad mullet."

In May 2016, Rinna changed her hairstyle for the first time in 20 years. Once again, while appearing on WWHL, the Housewife showed up with a slicked back 'do. "I mean, I wanted to try something new, and you know, I've had the same hairdo," she told Andy Cohen. "For 20 years I've had the same hairdo and I thought, 'Why not?' You know?"

She's received a lot of criticism, like from Glanville during the Season 5 reunion, for wearing the same hairstyle for over two decades. However, Rinna doesn't seem to care what anybody thinks about her — or how she wears her hair.

After Glanville made fun of her at the reunion, Rinna appeared on Access Hollywood in April 2015 and said, "I actually like my hair. I think it's fine! I've had it for a long time, yes. I did grow it out when Delilah Belle was born, which was 16 years ago, so it hasn't exactly been the same. I've had different versions of it. [But] it works." She also added that her husband, Harry Hamlin, is fan of her short shag hair. "Harry likes it. He always says, 'Keep it short.' So I like to keep my husband happy; that is not news."

However Rinna chooses to wear her hair, well, she definitely owns it.