Littlefinger Needs To Go On 'GoT'

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Chaos is a ladder and Game of Thrones just cut off a rung in a way that likely has fans everywhere sighing with relief. Creep no more, Littlefinger is dead on Game of Thrones. Arya killed Baelish herself after Lady Sansa gave her the go ahead.

That doesn't exactly follow Ned Stark's advice about "the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword," but teamwork makes the dream work and hey — Sansa and Arya are not men. They even referenced that advice in the episode, albeit indirectly.

Baelish should have known that whispering in Sansa's ear would ultimately lead to his own death and undoing, right? After an increasingly frustrating rise of tension between the Stark sisters, Sansa and Arya finally figured out not only Littlefinger's plan, but the many ways in which he has betrayed their House over the years. Bran helped too, finally putting his Three-Eyed Raven skills to good use with Greatest Hits list of Littlefinger treacheries.

The Stark kids have learned so much since Season 1, and Littlefinger's scheme with Sansa's letter didn't stand a chance. Ever since he gifted Bran with that dagger, and possibly even before, the Stark siblings have been on to him. Sansa blatantly played his own game right in front of him, right until the very end.

He was utterly pathetic in the end, which is surprisingly fitting. Petyr Baelish has acted better than everybody and above it all for seven seasons. In the end, he's sniveling and scared just like everyone else. He greatly underestimated the woman he chose to mentor.

Littlefinger was killed with the very dagger he used to stir the pot and watch it boil. He will not be missed on Game of Thrones — though it is of course possible that Arya will steal his face and pose as him in Season 8. That would be something. For now, breathe a sigh of relief that the Stark siblings are finally free of his influence... even though it seems like they weren't nearly as under his influence as they would like you to believe.