Lizzo Just Dropped A New Video For "Cuz I Love You," Giving Us All Heart Eyes

If you haven't come across a tweet, post, or song of Lizzo's, then your life has severely been lacking in the "music queen" department. Not to over-exaggerate, but she might be one of the most original artists out there right now. And Lizzo's new "Cuz I Love You" music video is just another amazing addition to her addictive videography, with a track that's retro yet still within Lizzo's typical vibe.

Lizzo has been making albums since 2013, and had breakout singles with "Truth Hurts" and "Good As Hell." Her lyrics and videos have been known to be vibrant and candid, and "Cuz I Love You" is no different. It truly is a perfect Valentine's Day song because it falls within the main theme surrounding V-Day: love. Specifically, Lizzo's new single is about that all-consuming feeling when you first realize that this is it, this is what everyone's been talking about; this is the thing called "love." The song follows a story of someone who thought they were "love-impaired," whose "heart [is] a little slow." But now, she's doing things like "standing in the rain," pressing her hair, putting them on a plane and all the stuff that comes with feeling lovey dovey about a person.

It's really a song about classic love — the love people have been singing about for generations. And the video just adds to the old-timey vibe the song has. Accompanying the track's big brass sounds and major vocals, the video is a smooth black and white visual, filled with dramatic costumes and romantic close-ups.

Lizzo herself is flawless, of course, adorned with feathers and a bold lip, even as her character visits a confessional. The video has a religious theme, as she's later seen acting as a kind of love minister, presiding over her congregation of heartbroken men. And her homily, with her belting big voice, just hits you right in the soul, where it was supposed to all along.

In an interview with The Cut, a feature in the Feb. 4 issue, Lizzo revealed that the song is "dedicated" to an ex of hers. She said he inspired the first lyric, "I'm cryin' cuz I love you," after he told her to stop crying when she did it in front of him. “He’s a Gemini,” she said. “This is for every woman-ah, who has ever-ah, been victimized by a Gemini.” The artist went on, saying, "Give us a reason to like you, Gemini.” This is true Lizzo fashion of being so candid and speaking her truth, no filter needed.

Cuz I Love You is also the title of her new album coming out April 19, 2019. She described her upcoming release to The Cut as “if Aretha Franklin made a ratchet-ass rap album in 2019.” Sounds like fans are in for a treat.

In addition to her status as a hitmaker to watch, Lizzo has also made a name for herself thanks to her social media prowess. Extremely active on Twitter, she posts photos of herself that show her self-love, in a world that not only wants to hate on big women, but especially black women (in general, but plus size black women, too). That love for herself is insanely inspiring, but also just makes sense. She's the bomb; why wouldn't she love herself?

There's really no stopping the momentum Lizzo has going, it's only a matter of time before the world wakes up and falls in love with her, too. As "Cuz I Love You" proves, it's about time.