Lizzo's Reaction To Jonas Brothers Fans Singing "Truth Hurts" Is So Joyful

Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If 2019 has proven anything, it's that nothing can get people hyped like Lizzo can. The rising star is a total pro at making everyone feel their most confident and getting them to dance like it's nobody's business. But in case you needed proof, the Jonas Brothers played her breakout hit "Truth Hurts" before one of their recent concerts, and the entire audience went wild, singing the song word-for-word. And Lizzo's reaction to Jonas Brothers' fans singing "Truth Hurts" is completely relatable and utterly adorable.

During a recent stop on the Jonas Brothers' Happiness Begins Tour in Atlanta on Monday, August 12, the venue played "Truth Hurts" over the loudspeaker before the band hit the stage. By that point, the arena appeared to be nearly full, and everyone inside joined together to yell out the empowering lyrics, as seen in a video posted on Twitter by JoBros fan @krystinajonas, who captioned the clip "lol this is what happens when you play Lizzo at a Jonas Brothers show."

Later that night, Lizzo caught wind of the video and was evidently touched by the audience's huge display of support for the song, reacting to the clip on Twitter with one simple yet appropriate expression: "AAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGGGHGGGHGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHGHGGGGGGGHGGHHHHHHHHHH." She also added in the crying emoji, for added emotional effect. Perhaps she was also a JoBros fan when she was younger like the rest of us?

Obviously, the JoBros are fans of Lizzo if they bothered to put her hit on their pre-show playlist. Given the reaction from their audience, "Truth Hurts" will likely be on constant rotation before they hit the stage. But if the boys have their way, they'd get to know her even better. During a radio interview in June 2019, the band revealed that they would love to collaborate with Lizzo.

"I love, love Lizzo," Joe said to host Carolina Bermudez after she suggested that they work with the rising star. "I love Lizzo. I love Lizzo with her 'Where the hell's my phone?' song for a long time." Kevin also chimed in, saying that "She's incredible." Seems like the feeling might be mutual.

Ever since Gina Rodriguez jammed out to "Truth Hurts" in the Netflix film Someone Great when it premiered in March 2019, the world started to jam out with her, and a hit was born. Despite the fact that the single had been out for quite some time before the movie's release, "Truth Hurts" has steadily climbed the charts ever since, launching Lizzo into a new level of public stardom. On Monday, August 5, "Truth Hurts" rose to a new peak on the charts, hitting number four on the Billboard Hot 100, and Lizzo had a very fitting reaction to the news. "F*CK WOW. NEW PEAK!!! LIZZBIANS YALL REALLY DOIN IT," she exclaimed on Twitter, before following it with another proud tweet: "HI #4 BIIIIIITCH." The track stayed at number four this week, but Lizzo was still very appreciative for all of the love, saying on Monday, Aug. 12, that she was "SO GRATEFUL".

At this point, "Truth Hurts" is the country's ultimate self-empowerment anthem, and it's nice to see the Jonas Brothers hopping onboard the fan train.