Lola Kirke Rocked Unshaven Armpits At The Globes

by Rachel Nussbaum
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While the red carpet's traditionally been reserved for the fluffier end of questions, stars at last night's Golden Globes made the most of their platform. See Meryl's speech and Evan Rachel Wood's suit, but also look to Lola Kirke: The Mozart in the Jungle star used her spotlight to send a message on both body positivity and politics, with Lola Kirke's unshaven armpits at the 2017 Golden Globes just one of the statements she made on the red carpet.

Power to the actress for rejecting social norms and embracing body positivity in the form she wants, but the pearl-clutching armpit coverage is largely missing another message Kirke chose to send — the "F*ck Paul Ryan" pin she wore front and center on her dress. Protesting Ryan's attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, the two statements go hand in hand. Kirke's pits reject the constant policing women face on the red carpet, and her pin draws attention to the form that's taken in recent legislation.

Beauty norms are so rigidly enforced that any deviation tends to make waves, and given the attention her pits received, it could be that Kirke's strategy was a two-pronged approach to get her pin into the spotlight. Who knows, though — these could just be the acts of a woman wholly for choice.

And with a killer sense of style. One argument for the attention divide (pits vs pin, catchy) could be that the pin just blended into Kirke's pale pink dress. Which it did — her Andrew Gn dress is exactly the same shade, and the pin is hard to spot among the floral embellishment it rides next to.

But it sticks out more on other outfits, like the one she wore during Globes prep (lightly NSFW). So while it's not ideal that any choice to go outside beauty norms is met with huge coverage, both praising and not, and makes an all-caps STATEMENT as opposed to just showing someone living her life, that's where we're at.

And if normalizing body hair as something that can be glam and walk the red carpet also brings attention to her pin? It's a win-win.