Lorde Voices Her Appreciation For Her Fans

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's only July, but Lorde's Melodrama is already a contender for album of the year. The release is a rare critical and popular success, and it turns deep-thinking, often weird, songwriting into magical, danceable hits. Making the album took Lorde over five years, and while she was hard at work on the album, some critics took liberties with what the break meant for her musical career. On Saturday, Lorde tweeted about the men who underestimated her creative ability, revisiting a post from 2015. The singer also used the moment to remind fans that the music industry can be pretty unforgiving for women.

Lorde was able to use these criticisms as momentum for recording Melodrama. On Saturday, Lorde retweeted the following tweet: "hey, men - do me and yourselves a favour, and don't underestimate my skill." She also added the comment: "the moment i decided to make a great f***in record. eat ur heart out." It would be hard for anyone to doubt the star's talent after the success of this release, but she seemed to use the opportunity to emphasize how proud she is of the album, and to show her appreciation for all the love and support she's received from fans.

In response to her last tweet, she continued on Twitter: "god I'm proud of my work if u knew half the battles female artists gotta fight to keep it only magnificent for u..." Then, she thanked the fans who continued to support her work, and promised to keep creating for them. "i care for and respect you all so much. And love u with my whole heart. I'll always do it for u" Lorde wrote. The music industry is a difficult space for women to navigate, and Lorde's tweets emphasize how female artist's can't keep creating without continued support.

When Lorde first broke out as an artist, many were fixated on both her youth. She was just 15 when Pure Heroine was released. Lorde discussed how women, and young women especially, are often not taken seriously in creative fields in an interview with Rookie Magazine editor Tavi Gevinson, who is the same age. In the years that Lorde was creating her new album, her return was often questioned by many people.

It was a pretty eventful week for Lorde on Twitter. On June 26, upon finding out that she had the No. 1 album in the United States, she offered some insight on the process for creating Melodrama.

Lorde thanked listeners for making her album a success, even if it didn't sound or feel like a conventional pop album. On July 1, she responded to a fan who pointed out that there was quite a bit of dancing on Melodrama. The fan wrote a list of all the times dancing is mentioned on the album, pointing out that the word is repeated more than a few times.

Lorde responded to the note pretty quickly on Twitter, promising to move away from dancing and explore some other territory on future releases. But she also defended her use of the word, and wrote:

Lorde's unique dancing is one of the signatures of her performance, so it's not surprising that she would put it central to her songwriting.

The moral of Lorde's busy week on Twitter is that the world needs to start trusting her as a writer and artist. It's time to stop questioning her creative skills, and nitpicking her album, and just be grateful for her presence in the music world. Even more than that, it should inspire fans to continue to elevate female artists in general, so they can show the world what they have to offer as well.