L'Oreal's New NYC Office Is A Beauty-Lovers Dream

Courtesy Gensler

If you're into beauty even a little bit, chances are you've tested out a L'Oreal product. In addition to the affordable, L'Oreal-branded brands, the cosmetics giant owns other favorites like Lancôme, Garnier, Clarisonic, Urban Decay, essie, and Maybelline — just to name a few. And since the company has its hands touching so many very cool products, it's probably not super surprising that the L'Oreal offices are very cool as well.

Recently, L'Oreal took Bustle on a tour inside the space, which the company officially moved to in June 2016. As far as offices are concerned, it's certainly somewhere that might convince you to go corporate: Employees have access to an in-house nail salon, hair salon, virtual reality room, and employee store packed full of pretty much every L'Oreal product you could ever want to get your hands on. Oh, and a roof terrace that looks over the Hudson River and much of Manhattan — it's basically the ideal space to work if you need a break from your desk.

If you've always been a little bit curious about the offices behind the makeup you're putting on your face, scroll through the photos of L'Oreal's NYC HQ below for a look inside.

The Terrace

Courtesy Gensler

See what I mean about the view? This mega terrace is 4,000 square feet, and complete with some pretty sweet seating.

The Cafeteria

Courtesy Gensler

Obviously, having a good lunch spot in the building is key. This one includes a coffee and juice bar, plus, the L'Oreal team tells me, fresh sushi twice week.

The Nail Salon

Courtesy Gensler

What's better than a nail salon in your office?! This one's packed with essie, naturally.

The Beauty Lab

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Consumers (employees included, of course) are invited to this lab to test out L'Oreal products before they hit shelves.

The VR Room

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Arguably the coolest part of the whole space, the VR room was built so brands could see how their products would look in stores around the globe without having to leave New York.

The Living Room

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In case being out on the terrace isn't your jam, the office is also filled with open, homey spaces where employees can work or have meetings.

The Company Store

Courtesy Gensler

Employees and their guests can shop for top products from 30 L'Oreal brands basically whenever they want. Unlimited access to makeup? Yes, please.