This Brand Makes Outrageous Plus Size Clothing Up To 5X — And You Can Customize It All

Plus size fashion used to get a bad rep for only supplying frumpy, dull, and oversized outfits designed to hide plus size bodies. Now more brands are coming out of the woodwork bringing confidence to plus size clothes, and new online retailer Loud Bodies is doing just that with the cutest outfits.

Loud Bodies is a clothing brand that was started by Patricia Luiza Blaj, who wanted to prove that every body could wear stylish clothes without separating selections by size. The brand offers a collection of empowering graphic tees, cutesy skirts and dresses, pants, and formal wear. Plus, every single item on the site goes up to a 5X — and actually beyond.

“Being able to leave your house wearing something you love brings such an immensely positive change in one’s life, in their attitude towards life,” Blaj tells Bustle. “And that is exactly why we don’t even stop to 5X. If one doesn’t find themselves in our sizing chart, we do custom orders free of charge.”

Although Blaj started her career in journalism, the founder always had a passion for fashion — especially after experiencing disordered eating and navigating style during recovery.

“Some people say it’s [fashion] superficial and I think that’s easy to say when you are in a position of privilege — you can walk into any store and buy whatever you like,” Blaj explains. “As a recovering bulimic, I cannot put into words how much pain and trauma I’ve experienced as my enlarging body could no longer fit into the clothes I liked and I was feeling as if my right to be me, to express myself was being taken away from me as some sort of a punishment for gaining weight.”

Blaj wanted to solve the issues she was experiencing, and do it responsibly. The creator made it a point to create an ethically-minded brand, paying fair wages and using fabric leftovers in her designs.

“From the inclusiveness to the ethical treatment of my employees to the fact that we’re saving up all fabric leftovers and turning them into pillows that are to be donated to animal shelters, at the basis of Loud Bodies is and always will be doing good.," she says.

Shoppers of all sizes and genders can enjoy these adorable looks that start at $10 and available at Here are all the best picks in this adorable line.

Loud Bodies Gabrielle Bridal Dress

As one of the pricier pieces, the Gabrielle dress was made to pay homage to simpler times when fashion was a little more flirty and free. Ditching the corset in this old school look, the brand trades in tight clasps for a wrap closure to fit and comfort all sizes.

Loud Bodies Let Boys Be Feminine T-Shirt

The brand designed this super powerful tee to remind haters that gender roles are way way over.

Loud Bodies Athena Embellished Velvet Dress

This dress is both fancy and fun. The Athena dress is made of red velvet, but if burgundy isn't the right mood for a special occasion, the dress comes in five other sick colors and prints.

Loud Bodies Michelle Dress

The Michelle dress is a staple piece in the entire collection with its fun, jungle-like print. The site explains the dress is so lightweight, it's like not wearing clothes, but in the good kind of way.

Loud Bodies Bastet Velvet Leggings

Loud Bodies brings fashion lovers loud leggings in this velvet fabric. Not all leggings have to be workout-approved.

Loud Bodies Sybil Crop Top

Fans can shop this adorable lightweight crop top that'll keep wearers feeling cool and looking fine. Plus there's even a matching skirt to complete a full look.

Loud Bodies Soraya Dress

Like many of the Loud Bodies dresses named after historical women, this style is named after Soraya Tarzi, who became "The Human Rights Queen of Afghanistan." This stunning gown is perfect from a day at brunch to a special occasion dinner.

Blaj explains that with her clothes, she wants her customers to feel "that extra oomph" so that they can take on the day with confidence.

"I know we shouldn’t need it and that true confidence lies within, but a beautiful dress that fits in all the right places can do wonders on a crappy day," Blaj says. "And no one should be robbed of that. I hope I can create a safe space where everybody feels included and more importantly, represented."

Where plus size people have always been denied of classic and cute clothes, this is one brand that makes every body's voice loud in the face of fashion's biggest critics.