The 'Love Island' 2018 Line-up Is Here, So Who's Going To Be Crackin' On This Year?


It's just under a week until touch down on Love Island 2018. But before we're allowed inside that iconic Majorcan villa, there's a few very important new faces we need to get familiar with. That's right, the Love Island 2018 line-up has been revealed, which means it's time to swot up on the new arrivals and find out who you're going to be talking about like they're you're best friend for the rest of the summer.

So just who will be mugging each other off this year? Whose Beach Hut confessions are going to crack us up the most? And which of the newbies is going to bring all the drama?

After plenty of speculation, it's been confirmed that Danny Dyer's daughter Dani, who crashed out of ITV2's battle of the sexes show Survival of the Fittest earlier this year, is among the crop of new contestants heading for Spain, as is another former boyband member (no, it's not Marcel Somerville, but I'm sure he'll mention his musical past just as much), a real life doctor (wait, hasn’t he got some lives to save?) and a member of cabin crew (at least she’ll be familiar with the exits).

But who else will be bunking up in that big bedroom for the next eight weeks? ITV have finally revealed all, so meet the Love Island class of 2018.

Laura Anderson


At 29 years old, Laura Anderson reckons she’s going to be older than some of the other Islanders but says age is just a number when it comes to looking for love. The Scottish cabin crew member prides herself on her style, particularly her glam hair extensions and hinted she has had two boyfriends viewers might have heard of. Stay tuned to find out who they are.


Dani Dyer


They don’t just share a name, 21-year-old Dani Dyer’s dad really is legendary hard man, EastEnders pub landlord and royal descendant Danny Dyer. Not that she’s interested in partnering up with a fan of his, mind. The Londoner lists her most embarrassing moment as when a date spilled the beans on her family connection to the waitress. Not cool. When it comes to relationships, Dani’s after someone genuine and hopes to be a positive force in the house.


Kendall Rae-Knight


Kendall Rae-Knight is bouncing back from a broken heart after her ex-fiancé ended their five year relationship. Not that the 26-year-old from Blackpool is letting a bad experience put her off finding love again. She says she’s looking for something for the long-haul and hopes to stay with the guy she first partners up with. She describes herself as an open-book and lists her teeth as her best attribute.


Hayley Hughes


Model Hayley Hughes says she’s learned the hard way not to choose looks over personality after having nothing in common with her ex-boyfriend. The 21-year-old Scouser has the potential to stir things up in the house as she has “no filter,” but should be able to joke her way out of any potential drama, as friends frequently describe her as “funny.”


Samira Mighty


Samira Mighty could turn out to be someone’s dream girl, quite literally, as she’s performed in the West End Show of the same name. When she’s not singing her heart out on stage, you’ll usually find the 22-year-old Londoner helping out a mate as she says she always picks up the phone at 3 a.m. for her besties. And when it comes to romance she’s looking for someone with a sense of humour, who’s as loyal as she is after her last boyfriend cheated on her.


Niall Aslam


While Niall Aslam describes his looks as “quite pleasant,” he reckons it’s his chat that’ll really impress the other islanders. Something they might not be bowled over by is his table manners, as the 23-year-old admits to chewing with his mouth open like a “barnyard animal.” Nice. The Coventry construction worker says he’s looking for real love in the villa after getting “mugged off” by the last girl he was seeing. At least he’s got the lingo down.


Eyal Booker


“We can’t ignore the fact I have curly hair and people seem to like that,” says 22-year-old model Eyal Booker from London, who was formerly in a boy band called EverYoung (nope, I haven't heard of them either). Judging by Booker’s statements ahead of the show, it sounds like he might contribute to some explosive drama on screen. “I’m not a preacher and I don’t want to be a preacher I just feel like I’ve got an opinion and I feel like my opinion matters and I’m going to share that with people,” he says. Yikes.


Adam Collard


It’s not Love Island without a personal trainer. This year’s soon to be on-site instructor is Adam Collard from Newcastle. In a no-frills description, Collard describes himself as “alright looking and tall.” Aged 22, Collard has had a few relationships before appearing on Love Island, and his fitness themed Instagram commands a sizeable 10k following. Let’s hope he doesn’t run into any Chris versus Muggy Mike style competition while he’s in there. “I am super competitive and I hate losing,” he says. “Even if I take a girl on a date to play Crazy Golf for example, I’m in the zone."


Jack Fincham


“Physically, I think I’ve got really nice teeth,” says Jack Fincham, a 26-year-old Stationary Sales Manager from Kent. A self-proclaimed “walking disaster,” thanks to his “massively clumsy” ways, he’s got three long term exes, and warns he’s prone to being “quite selfish” and “a bit stubborn.” If Chris and Kem first sounded the bromance claxon in 2017, it sounds like Fincham is here to pick up where they left off. “Girls so far in my life have come and gone whereas my mates have been there the whole time so to have a bond with the boys is just as important as finding love in there,” he says. Judging by his Instagram, being one of the lads is very much his vibe.


Dr Alex George


Dr Alex George is genuinely a doctor and he’s very much coming for Dr Marcel’s mantle. “I think there’s probably room for a new TV doctor,” he says of his hope when he leaves the villa to combine TV work with his everyday job working in A&E in Carmarthen. Single for the last three years, previous to that 27-year-old George was in a four-year relationship that ended when he was texting somebody else. “I don’t like high maintenance girls,” he says of his type. “I think it’s brilliant to look good but spending three hours to get ready to go and walk on the beach is too much for me.”


Wes Nelson


An Electrical and Nuclear Systems Design Engineer from Staffordshire, Wes Nelson says he’s looking “for someone I can settle down with and tame my wild lifestyle.” At just 20 years old, the engineer — who is also (surprise, surprise) “Instagram famous,” with a 15k strong following thanks to his workout and kickboxing videos — says “he’s never been with a girl who is younger than [him].” His biggest turn off? “People who are really arrogant, ignorant in their own ways and who don’t listen.”


So there you have it. These are set to be your new best friends, whose lives you will know more intimately than your own relations. At least until week two or three, when ITV will surely throw a spanner in the mix by chucking a load of new faces in there. Oh, the excitement.