The First 'Love Island' Elimination Is Coming Way Sooner Than You'd Think

Love Island/ITV

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be the first to go home. Not only will you be forgotten quicker than Iain Stirling can shout “TEXT”, but you’ll also be packing your bags knowing that you didn’t quite turn out to be anybody's type on paper. Brutal. But when is the first Love Island elimination?

Well, last year, unlucky lad Harley Judge was the first to exit the show. For those of you thinking “erm.. who?” right about now (and by that, I mean all of us), he was the blonde bodybuilder who initially paired up with Amber Davies before she dumped him for Kem Cetinay, not that anyone is mad at her for that. After he was left all on his tod and voted out in the first re-coupling, which took place on June 9, just four days after the Love Islanders had arrived in the villa on June 5.

Speaking about the experience days after his exit last year, Harley told Radio Times: "Obviously I’m absolutely gutted to be honest. I felt like I was coming into my own these past few days and sort of relaxing and getting comfortable, but, at the same time, I’m happy for everyone that [was in] there. I’m going to miss everyone and the villa vibe, and it’s a bit gutting being outside but it’s just one of them things." Ouch. I instantly feel sad for him all over again.

Similarly, the first islander to leave the 2016 villa in Season 2, Javi Shephard (again, you probably don’t remember him), was sent packing on June 3. In case you weren't making notes at the time, this was just four days after he entered the villa with the rest of the islanders for the season premiere on May 30. Anyone else spotting a pattern here?

Although it doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess when the first elimination of 2018 will be, I contacted ITV to confirm the date. Unsurprisingly, those working on the show are keeping tight-lipped for now until given the go-ahead for the big reveal. However, it does look pretty freakin' likely that the first re-coupling and eviction will be taking place this Friday on June 8. Oh I can feel the drama brewing already.

But who will be the first to go out of this year's stellar line-up? According to bookmakers Belair, 26-year-old contestant Jack Fincham is the hot favourite to get evicted from the villa as they've placed him in at 1/10 to win the show. "The producers always like to throw in a couple of villains, whose function it seems to be to stir things up and cause controversy," Katie Baylis, a spokesperson for Belair, told The Express. "This year we are predicting it’ll be Jack — he’s already admitted cheating on a previous girlfriend."

Other potentials to leave the villa first include 23-year-old Niall Aslam and 20-year-old Wes Nelson. Bookies William Hill seems confident that these two are among the least likely to win out of the boys. As for the girls, bookmaker Coral has placed its bets on 22-year-old West End performer Samira Mighty being the first to leave, as reported by The Sun. Sadly, if she were to exit the show early, it would result in yet another year of zero female ethnic minority representation on Love Island.

In terms of favourites, you can probably guess that Danny Dyer's daughter Dani is right at the top of the bookies list of potential winners, while Dr. Alex George is a firm favourite among the guys. Who knows, they might even couple up and become our new Kem and Amber? Or perhaps Cally Jane Beech and Luis Morrison considering they have a happier ending. Either way, guess it won't be long until we find out.

Love Island 2018 kicks off on ITV2 on Monday June 4 at 9pm.