Lucky Brand Is Collaborating With Your Favorite Country Music Couple

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's the thing about Tim McGraw and Faith Hill: They're the best. They've been together for 20 years, they've got three kids in tow, and have a duet album that's being released in 2017. Basically, these two have never been better. Now, they're adding "designer" to their names, because a Lucky Brand x Tim McGraw + Faith Hill collaboration is here, people, and it's every country lover's dream.

The power couple joined forces with Lucky Brand to release a collection "emphasizing Americana heritage rooted in music and inspired by the pair's longstanding career," according to the press release.

What you'll find in the collection is a range of t-shirts featuring throwback concert posters, jackets, tote bags, jeans, hats, and more. Vintage-inspired and easygoing in feel, the collection is playful, yet polished. Some of the best pieces include a denim shirt that reads "Respect your momma" on the back, a super cute t-shirt that says "Tim & Faith & Tim & Faith," and a maroon suede hat.

When they say Americana, they mean Americana, and the couple, along with Lucky Brand, totally nailed the aesthetic.

And as if releasing a collection isn't a big feat in itself — the couple is actually touring during this release, too, reaching over 80 cities in their Soul2Soul world tour.

Lucky Brand and Tim McGraw + Faith Hill

Well, do you?

Lucky Brand and Tim McGraw + Faith Hill

What's better than one Tim McGraw? Three, of course.

Lucky Brand and Tim McGraw + Faith Hill

Nothing beats a good pair of distressed denim.

OK, this wins cutest t-shirt award.

“It’s such an honor to be partnering with icons like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and we worked extremely close with them to create a truly unique collection. Throughout their careers, Tim and Faith have always remained authentic and true to their creativity, so we’re very excited to be celebrating their music and Soul2Soul Tour,” Kin Ying Lee, Lucky Brand Chief Creative Officer, said in the press release.

Lucky Brand and Tim McGraw + Faith Hill

Two souls, one cute jacket.

Lucky Brand and Tim McGraw + Faith Hill

Two of these, please!

Lucky Brand and Tim McGraw + Faith Hill

The subtle embroidery is the perfect touch to these dark-wash jeans.

“We had so much fun working together with Lucky Brand on the designs for the shirts and denim,” said McGraw and Hill. “We are very proud of every single piece in this line. The way they’ve dressed out each of the stores in our tour cities looks awesome. We can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

The fun tees took inspiration from Nashville print jobs, according to the press release and gives a nod to classic country music, while still keeping it contemporary and modern. All of which you can buy at select Lucky Brand stores along the way of their tour schedule. Bonus: Everything is affordable, too, sitting at a price point of $50-$150.

If you're feeling lucky, you can also enter Lucky's sweepstakes at, where you can enter to win VIP tickets to their tour. Prizes include two premium tickets to their tour finale in Brooklyn, NY, a $500 Lucky Brand gift card, VIP passes, a meet and greet with the two, and more, according to the press release.

“From the beginning, we felt strongly that this was the perfect retail pairing for our clients — country’s biggest stars together with the authentic spirit that embodies everything that Lucky Brand does,” said Crown Merchandise Co-Founders Sam Easley and Tom Bennett.

You can find the entire collection at, where you can also view behind the scenes footage and access interviews.