Manny MUA's Halloween Makeup Collection Was Inspired By Iconic '90s Witches

Beauty gurus of the world, fall (and October) is finally here. As you get glam and spooky for all the Halloween festivities, keep in mind that Lunar Beauty’s Moon Spell Collection is about to launch. The line is inspired by some of your favorite witches in '90s pop culture, so it's practically required for any nostalgia enthusiasts.

On Sept. 29, beauty YouTuber Manny “MUA” Gutierrez uploaded a video of his makeup brand’s Halloween collection A few days before, the makeup mogul teased fans about the upcoming collection on Instagram with a campaign photo of himself alongside a diverse group of models wearing black and surrounded by candles. The caption read simply "something wicked this way comes," then asked followers to guess what they thought the collection would entail. Gutierrez finally announced in the video that Lunar Beauty's last launch of 2019 would be a 4-piece collection that will make you scream for Halloween to get here already.

Dubbed the Moon Spell Collection, Manny Gutierrez is definitely bringing you something super wicked. The line includes an eye palette inspired by some of the most famous witches you know. including the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service, and more. Moon Spell also includes three new spooky lip products: a purple reflect lip gloss and two liquid lipsticks. One of the lipsticks comes in a deep blood red shade, and (of course) there's also a one-coat black liquid lipstick.

Everything is going to drop online at on Oct. 4 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. The individual products will cost between $17 and $48, or you can pick up the collection in bundles. The lip bundle will retail for $42 and getting the entire Moon Spell Collection will set you back $80. Fans can also shop the collection via Sephora and Morphe.

"Growing up, I've always been so obsessed with witches, and I just love the powerhouse aspect of them," Gutierrez says in the video. "It's like such female empowerment to me. You know being gay, I love female empowerment, bitch."

Every dope witch among the ranks of the Charmed sisters, Marnie from Halloweentown, and Nancy from The Craft are found in this collection. There's a magical baddie for everyone to relate to in the 15-shade Moon Spell Eye Palette. While Gutierrez says he designed the palette with all these witches in mind, Charmed was his biggest inspiration for the final look of the product.

"This palette is inspired by the Book of Shadows. Like a spell book. That's like literally what it's based off of. That's why it looks like a book," he explains in the announcement video.

Unfortunately for Gutierrez, the name Book of Shadows is trademarked, but the shades in the palette are all his own. The palette is mostly made up of different greens and purples with matte and glitter finishes. In addition to all the color, Gutierrez also offers up an entire row of neutral shades to bring it all together.

As for the liquid lipsticks, they're made with the same formula as Lunar Beauty's Strawberry Dream Collection, which launched earlier in July. The bundle of lip products in this witchy launch are just as universal as the first Strawberry-inspired ones. But surely enough, the names on these lip products will have you ready to stir a cauldron with Enchantment, the sheer purple gloss, Witch Bitch, the blood red shade, and Wicked, the black liquid lipstick that's inspired by the Broadway play of the same name.

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This spooky collection may be the last launch this year for Lunar Beauty, but at least beauty lovers will continue using this witchy collection for their grunge looks well beyond the tricks and treats.