Manny MUA Just Launched A New Palette That Is SO Pigmented

Beauty influencers with makeup brands of their own have some of the most exciting launches because they often get previewed on their channels first. Manny MUA is launching his Lunar Beauty Summer Collection, and the products are stellar. If there’s one way to get to a beauty lover’s heart, moon-inspired eyeshadow is a great start.

Manny “MUA” Gutierrez has flourished in the YouTube community having garnered well over 4.8 million subscribers with his makeup tutorials and product reviews. Since 2018 he broke into the makeup industry (and into Sephora stores) with his own brand Lunar Beauty, but here comes the beauty guru’s newest launch — a Strawberry moon-inspired palette and three dream-inspired lippies.

Gutierrez made the announcement on his Instagram page July 25 with only a photo of the outside packaging of the Strawberry Dream Color Palette to tease his fans.

“WE LOVE A SNEAK PEEK!” Gutierrez wrote in the caption. “Say hello to the STRAWBERRY DREAM COLOR PALETTE. OMG YOU GUYSSSSS!!! @lunarbeauty summer collection... full reveal coming this Friday at 10 AM PST on my channel.”

By everyone's surprise, Manny dropped the entire collection as soon as the video went live. The collection is already available at where prices start at $17.

Here's everything to shop in this dreamy collection.

Strawberry Dream Color Palette

"I really wanted to do something that was a little bit more fun," Gutierez explained in the video. Lunar Beauty's Goddess palette featured more neutral tones, but this Strawberry Dream palette is nothing but color. The palette includes 15 shades in total (10 mattes and five shimmers) while the actual palette gives off a subtle strawberry scent.

Liquid Lipstick in Daydream

A pinky nude is a staple in any beauty box, so Manny brings Lunar Beauty's original semi-matte finish liquid lipstick ,formula to the shade Daydream. All of the liquid lipsticks are a comforting matte, so they aren't transfer-proof, but still a quick fix for a bare lip. Plus, it doesn't hurt that all the lippies smell like cupcakes.

Liquid Lipstick in Dreamsicle

Dreamsicle is probably one of the brightest shades in the collection. Lunar Beauty's other liquid lipstick consists of this power hot coral shade (the Patone color of 2019, by the way). Fans can shop this shade at Lunar Beauty for $18.

Dreamy Lip Gloss

As the only gloss in the collection, the Dreamy Gloss is a sheer peach shade with a blue and pink reflect. It is still the middle of summer, and a swipe of gloss just adds a little something extra. This little number retails for $17.

Strawberry Dream Collection Bundle

As if this reveal-turned-launch couldn't get any sweeter, those who want to buy literally every single thing can actually save 20% by buying the Strawberry Dream Collection as a bundle on the site.

Surprise reveals are fun, but surprise makeup launches are even better. Manny MUA is offering up something more colorful for the summer, with YouTube and makeup fans alike dashing to this collection like dream chasers.