This Self-Care Subscription Box Will Send You Crystals With Every New Moon

by Isami McCowan

Self-care has been an important object of discussion in the past few years, and it's something that's super subjective depending on your needs and personality type. It comes in a lot of different forms — whether that be a relaxing spa night at home, a mental health day to recharge from your busy schedule, or a new skincare routine to rejuvenate your pores and give yourself some TLC. You've also probably seen the rise in personalized subscription packages that you can get delivered right to your doorstep on a weekly or monthly basis. Most of them are usually skincare, makeup, or food-related products, but there's a new one on the horizon: a lunar-themed monthly self-care subscription box.

Lunarly is definitely one of the first self-care subscriptions I've ever seen, but it seems like it has its vision down pat. The creators consider it a moon-based self-care subscription box: "Each moon brings an exclusive new addition for your self-care space. But it doesn’t stop there, as you’ll also acquire new meaningful keepsakes, meant to help you achieve all of your goals on this journey," the company says about their package. In each box, you'll find goods such as specially-curated plants, wellness products, and tools that you can use for mindfulness.

So, how does it all work? After signing up, you'll receive your Lunarly box before every new moon. Customers will learn about a process called intention-setting, which is a way to practice mindful living. "An intention is a promise to yourself that you actually can keep. Instead of impossible goals, look to intentions: a commitment to taking care of yourself by actively intending to improve your life. Change your mindset with intentions, and you'll manifest the growth you're looking for," Lunarly explains. With the tools you get from your monthly box, the goal is that you integrate practice like journaling and meditation into your day-to-day routine for an overall sense of relaxation and successful self-care.

If you want to know what you'll be getting or gifting with Lunarly, check out some features on past boxes here. Each box seems to have a different theme: The Cold Moon box from December, for example, was named in reference to the chilly, dark winter nights that we usually see throughout the month. The box included a classic Boston fern plant, Natural Volcanic Stone Mala Beads, a Gold Dusk Hydrogel Mask, and a Soladite stone that they describe promotes "objectivity, pragmatism, and the power to speak one's truth." Inside November's Hunter Moon box from Lunarly, subscribers found the Invincible Evening Candle, a Lunarly mini tapestry, a Four Sigmatic Sampler Box (a selection of superfood mushroom beverages), and a Black Obsidian stone.

If self-care has been on your mind lately but you're struggling to find a way to incorporate it into your daily schedule, check out Lunarly to see if its offerings fit your preferences and what you think might benefit your unique needs. Positive, mindful thinking is super important — taking a step back every once in awhile can make all the difference.