This Rechargeable Hair Straightener Is PERFECT If You Don't Have Outlets In Your Bathroom

Lunata Beauty

Trying to do your hair in the morning when you don't have outlets in your bathroom is a real life mishap. But now there's a beauty product that can take that frustration straight out of the equation. Lunata Beauty's wireless straightener lets you do your hair without having to hunt for free outlets. Lunata is on a mission to free women from cords.

There are all sorts of reasons why you would need wireless styling tools. Maybe you live in New York City and have literally only one outlet in the whole apartment. Or maybe you have roommates and finding a free outlet to straighten your hair in the morning is a challenge. Perhaps you travel a lot and find that a lot of cities in Europe don't have outlets in their bathrooms. Whatever the reason, having a lack of plugs [outlets] is no longer going to be an issue in your life. (Except for when you have to charge your phone in an airport. That will always plague you.)

It's also super convenient to throw into your purse or gym bag, allowing you to touch up your hair throughout the day. Never go to happy hour with deflated hair again! At the moment, Lunata Beauty has two products: the Wireless Rechargeable Touch-up Iron/Styler and the Jet Setter Kit.

"The idea for this product really stemmed from a need. We travel a lot for work, and we kept facing the same issues," Anastassia Bogusavskaya and Monica Abramov, Lunata Beauty Co-Founders, share with Bustle via email. "For international travel, we’d blow out cords due to the wrong voltage, we’d have issues finding plugs located next to a mirror, and overall, cords just got in the way when there was already limited space."

It's also a great tool for moms who have little kids. Cords can pose a safety risk when you have toddlers in the house.

"When the little ones run around, they can easily trip on a wire and send a 450 degree iron flying in mid air. But it’s also just being on the go and not wanting to be tied down to a cord," Bogusavskaya and Abramov explain.

The standalone wireless iron/styler comes in a sleek design of shiny white with rose gold. It has titanium plates and rose gold buttons.

"This iron is a game-changer. Take it to the gym, pack it in your carry-on, or throw it in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups. Straight, curly or wavy, this styler does it all, and will go where you go," the product description reads.

The straightener holds a charge for up to 45 minutes at the highest setting. The heat settings range from 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit. The styler also has negative ions, which close the cuticle for shiny and frizz-free locks.

The Jet Setter Kit is designed specifically for the frequent traveler. It doesn't matter whether you hop on planes for business trips or make the most of your vacation days and zip away to Europe for weeks at a time. This kit will have you completely covered.

It's the same wireless straightener as the first one mentioned, but it has some extra add-ons. The most impressive add-on is the world adapter with two USB ports that can be used in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Europe, and the UK. It works in over 120 countries.

"Our cordless hair tools are a traveler's dream. They're dual voltage, so even when charging, you won't be blowing out any cords," Bogusavskaya and Abramov share. "Hotel rooms are notorious for not having plugs near a mirror, and forget about plugs in airport bathrooms. The Lunata Cordless hair tools allow you to touch up your hair wherever you are."

The kit also comes with a charging dock and cable, along with a heat-proof silicone sleeve, and a carry case. Just load everything up into its organized case, and slip it into your carry-on.

The styler is available on, and The Lunata Jet Setter Kit is available at If you're done struggling with your lack of bathroom outlets, give this handy gadget a try.