Harry Styles Just Got The Best Gift From LUSH Cosmetics

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This singer and heartthrob shook the world with his first-ever solo album. Everything from the cover art to the music itself was enough to make everyone swoon. The cover of the self-titled album showcased Harry Styles in a tub of water, and that millennial pink color definitely caught the attention of beauty lovers. And now, LUSH Cosmetics sent Harry Styles bath bombs in the most clever marketing move ever. Because how did he get the water that color? I’m guessing a bath bomb had something to do with it, and Lush could have just confirmed that suspicion.

Lush Cosmetics tweeted a photo of a basket full of their Sex Bomb bath bombs and a sign that read, “To Harry, From One Sex Bomb to another. Love, Lush xx” They captioned the photo, “Hey @Harry_Styles — something to get you in the mood for a good soak?” According to Teen Vogue, there’s been no confirmation on whether Styles received this gift in-person, but can you imagine how incredible a gift this would be? I’d love to receive this many bath products at my doorstep, for free.

The good news is — you too can soak in pink waters just like Styles. And Lush Cosmetics has just shown you how. Purchase yourself some Sex Bomb bath bombs, put on “Sign of the Times” and let the relaxation begin.

Just imagine all of the millennial pink baths in his future!

If Lush bath products will help you get water this color, I get the sense there will be lots of Lush purchases and pink spa time in your future, too.

A Styles-inspired soak would be amazing, but according to the brand mixing the Think Pink and Milky Bath products could be the next best thing. Of course, Sex Bomb is a suitable alternative, also.

Pink Bath Bomb, $5.25, Lush Cosmetics

This bright pink bath bomb will surely give you the Styles' tub time vibes.

Milky Bath, $7,95, Lush Cosmetics

When you mix Milky Bath with the pink bath bomb pictured above, you'll get the perfect pastel color.

Sex Bomb, $7.95, Lush Cosmetics

You could always shop these products to get a perfectly pink hue, too. Because if Styles did receive a package stocked full of these from Lush, he'll be using these for many baths to come. Now you and he will finally be twinning!

Using these products may not make Styles magically appear in your bathroom, but hey, they're still pretty cool.

Because these are sure to make you feel like a piece of Styles-designed work of art.

You too can bathe like Styles if you shop from Lush, at least, that seems to be the message the brand is going for. I'd say it's working!