Lush Is Bringing Back A Discontinued Product That Could Help You Stay Asleep All Night

If you're the type of person that has to stare at the ceiling for an hour before finally drifting off to sleep, then there's a new product out there that is meant to help you slip into dreams a little easier. Lush is bringing back its Deep Sleep Shower Jelly and making it part of their permanent collection, which means your nighttime routine is about to get a whole lot calmer. Bringing it back from their vault after it sold out years ago, these jellies are unlike anything else you've tried before, where they're not the usual bar of soap, shower gel, foam mousse, or cream. Instead, it's a blob of jelly that lathers up once it hits water, and then proceeds to act like the usual bar of soap we're all used to when it comes to our showers.

But the texture isn't a gimmick — the soap really works, especially when it comes to melting your stresses away. It's packed with blue chamomile and fine lavender oil, which has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and calm the mind, so if you step underneath a hot spray and wash yourself off with this before bedtime, you'll feel your mind begin to unwind. It's also laced with cleansing orange juice to cut through the grime that the day put on you, and neroli oil from a bitter orange tree, which is meant to provide a tranquilizing effect. Mixed together, all of these ingredients will help you drift off for a good night's sleep and send you towards soothing dreams.

While the jelly would catch your eye naturally if you were walking down the aisles of Lush and taking in all the glittery bath bombs and vegan shampoo bars, it really exploded in popularity after a viral video hit Facebook that showed just how fun the product was to use in the shower. Its jiggly consistency made for some pretty amazing Boomerang and slow-mo videos, and the act of squishing it down while you lathered yourself up just made the whole bedtime routine a lot more fun. Soon after, beauty lovers rushed to Lush and sold it out for years to come. But lucky for us it's now going to become a permanent part of the collection, right alongside the bubble bars and shower gels.

As always when it comes to Lush products, this shower jellies are vegan and 100 percent cruelty free, where the brand never tests their finished products on animals and only buy their ingredients from suppliers who also don't test on animals.

It's also 100 percent handmade, and what makes it so jiggly is the carrageenan seaweed in the ingredients list, which is often used as a thickener in foods like soy milk, yogurt, and ice cream.

If you had a hard day and know you'll have a difficult time falling asleep, you can also couple this shower jelly with other nighttime reinforcements, like the Sleepy Body Lotion and Twilight Body Spray. The lotion is infused with lavender to relax you, and is laced with cocoa butter and almond oil to hydrate your skin. The body spray is also infused with lavender and tonka, so if you're not a lotion person you can instead spritz on the spray and feel your mind unwind.

Or if you're using the jelly in the morning and want to jolt your mind awake, you can also store the jiggly mass in the fridge and then have a refreshing shower in the AM.

Since it has been discontinued for years there aren't many reviews on it, but a few screen-grabbed past reviews were provided courtesy of Lush. As you can expect, some people found it to be their new favorite nighttime ritual.


There are two different sizes you can get the jelly in. If you want to test drive it first, you can get 3.5oz for $6.95, or if you know you'll be using it nightly you can get an 8.4oz jelly for $14.95. Make this part of your nightly routine, and you just might get to experience your best sleep yet.