MAC Lipglass Is Changing But Trust Us, It's For The Best

Move over, mattes! While velvety, high pigment, and precise look lips remain a "thing" in 2017, lip gloss is not down for the count. MAC Lipglass is changing and trust us, it's for the best. The super shiny but not too sticky, vanilla-scented lip gloss was a staple of '00s makeup bags and swiped across the pouts of A-listers and average citizens. The colors span the spectrum and really offer a glass-like, supremely sexy shine. I remain l a Lipglass devotee. So when MAC Trainer and makeup artist Melissa Shiffer posted about a new and improved version of Lipglass, I almost freaked out.

But then I absorbed the details in her Instagram caption and calmed down. So relax, Lipglass lovers and MAC obsessives! It appears to be a packaging upgrade and a shade expansion.

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It does not appear to be a formula change, so take your well-manicured fingers off the panic button... for now.

Bustle reached out to MAC PR reps to confirm and inquire about further details regarding the new look Lipglass.

UPDATE: MAC responded via email, writing, "This info has not officially been shared by MAC — stay tuned for details."

But here's the intel that Shiffer's post revealed. The new Lipglass launches on Thursday, Mar. 23. The brand is repackaging all of the original shades in a "double wall vial," along with new colors. She also suggested that colors of other lip formulas — perhaps lipsticks or the discontinued Lustreglasses — are being translated into Lipglasses.

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There you have it! The tubes look longer and made of glass.

Normally, I would quote rapper LL Cool J and say, "Don't call it a comeback," since Lipglass has been a MAC staple. But it's coming back in an improved package and with some rad colors!

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I can only hope that MAC will reformulate discontinued Lustreglass shades as lipglasses, since I can't quite tell what the actual deal is from this caption. All in due time! That said, my life would be made if Spring Bean made a triumphant return.

Images: Melissa Shiffer/Instagram (2); Courtesy of MAC (2)