MAC's New Lip Glasses Taste Like Dessert & They're The Grownup Version Of '90s Lip Smackers

If you grew up in the '90s, there are certain things you probably, most definitely had as part of your childhood experience. At one point you probably tried green ketchup, had at least one glowing star sticker on your popcorn ceiling, had a drawer exclusively reserved for scrunchies and butterfly hair clips, and owned an impressive collection of Lip Smackers. If you had strict parents that didn't let you play with eyeshadow and lip gloss at a young age, then these deliciously flavored chapsticks were your loophole around a makeup-less existence. Part of their charm was that they had all sorts of yummy, quirky flavors, spanning from Pina Coladas to Dr. Pepper, making you buy more and more, trying to collect them all.

And now MAC is trying to channel that nostalgia (and willingness to open one's wallet,) with their new lip collection. MAC's new lip glasses taste like dessert, making them the grownup version of your '90s chapsticks.

Granted, MAC isn't about to start selling Strawberry Shake or Pink Lemonade flavors (though they should,) but they are trying out a series of more basic tastes.

The news broke on Dominic Skinner's Instagram, who is the Global Senior Artist for the brand. Sharing a sneak peek of the new line with followers, he cryptically tagged the post #SeenBackstage and left us to wildly daydream about these new, flavored products. He followed up the hashtag with an explanation about what we were looking at, sharing, "#MakeupSwatches for the #Lipglass from a #NEW#MAC collection ☺️These #Small (I know coz I’ve smelt) and apparently #Taste (IDK coz I’ve not tasted) like their names."

While they have a junior high vibe, the colors are anything but. They're chic and metallic and all grownup. Skinner also shared swatches of the colors and their corresponding names, getting us well prepared for the launch.

From left to right, the metallic purple bottle that swatches on plum is called "Death by Chocolate;" the creamsicle orange color is adorably named "Banana Muffins;" the metallic mauve is "Coconut Macaroon," making you think of French bakeries; the icy silver shade is playfully dubbed "Funfetti Cake," making it the perfect celebration lip gloss; the duo-chrome pink gloss that swatches on berry is "Raspberry Cream;" and the vibrant red shade is "Strewberrt Torte."

As far as sneak peeks go, this was a very informative one. Not only did we get to see the lip glass tubes, but we also got a close up of the color on the applicator, and a swatch of the individual shades. Seeing how hues often change how they look like on the lips from what they look like in their bottles, that was really helpful.

Unfortunately, though, the only missing piece of the puzzle is information on when the collection will launch. Skinner said that there is no launch date yet, but even more information will be coming soon. Whether that just means price information or — even more exciting — an announcement that there will be a whole dessert themed collection, is still up for debate. But how cool would it be if this was just a small piece of a food-themed line drop? I'd be open to some strawberry margarita eyeshadow.

Followers were enthusiastic under his Instagram post, writing, "Omg! Is this for real? I'm so excited!" and "Neeeed! I’m completely obsessed with coconut so that’s a must."

Some expressed how they were going to have the same problem with this gloss set that they had with their Lip Smacker options, saying, "I'd end up just eating these hahaha."

Others loved how '90s they looked, sharing, "omg all the jlo vibes with the banana, coconout and cakes ones! Please keep ys posted on these, neeeeed!!!!!!!!!!"

Now we just have to sit tight and impatiently wait for that launch date. Please hurry, MAC!