MAC Is Collaborating With 10 Of Your Fave Bloggers

by May Sofi
MAC Cosmetics

Beauty brands have been tapping bloggers for collaborations for so long now, it's practically become ubiquitous. This latest co-branded project, however, stands out from the crowd because it's remarkably unique. MAC Cosmetics is teaming up with 10 beauty influencers, such as Laura Lee and Fleur De Force, and it's basically the coolest collaboration I have heard of yet.

MAC is pretty much the reigning champion of all-star collaborations, boasting a plethora of A-list projects including collections with Mariah Carey, Caitlyn Jenner, and Ariana Grande. So, what makes their latest project so different? Well, this time, the brand has decided to work with international beauty gurus from all around the world, offering multiple different perspectives that span the entire globe — how cool is that?!

According to a press release, each influencer will be creating their very own lipstick with the brand, and they will begin to launch at the beginning of April. You are now probably dying to know who these fabulous and highly influential makeup mavens are. The 10 confirmed influencers include Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora from the US, Fleur De Force and Alessandra Steinherr representing the UK, Samantha Ravndahl from Canada, Vic Ceridono from Brazil, The Real Fouz hailing from the Middle East, Enjoy Phoenix repping France, Caroline Daur from Germany, and Nikkia Joy from Australia.

The lineup is pretty much stacked, but still many may not be familiar with some or all of these names. Let's take a look at who these beauty gurus really are, shall we?

Laura Lee

You may know Laura Lee from her awesome eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Violet Voss. The vlogger has a popular YouTube channel where she posts tons of tutorials and product reviews, so she clearly knows a thing or two about makeup.

Gabriel Zamora

Zamora is basically a triple threat. Not only does he have a massive following on YouTube for his makeup and skincare how-to's, he is also a stylist for curated beauty box subscription service, Ipsy, and even has a vid with Jen Atkin!

Fleur De Force

The UK-based vlogger boasts over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, proving she has clearly developed a cult-like following. Her expertise covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and has even written her own book, The Glam Guide.

Alessandra Steinherr

Steinherr is a jack of all trades. First and foremost, she is the Beauty Director at UK Glamour, but she also has her own blog where she "aims to be your personal beauty editor," as she puts it, offering tons of reviews and advice on all things beauty.

Samantha Ravndahl

Ravndahl, A.K.A ssssamantha on Instagram, is a Canadian beauty vlogger and makeup artist. She shares lots of makeup tutorials and beauty product roundups, and has got a real knack for creating some of the most amazing makeup looks I've ever seen.

Vic Ceridono

Ceridono is the Beauty Editor at Vogue Brasil. The journalist also has a beauty YouTube channel called "Dia de Beauté" with tons of makeup advice and tutorials from her unique editorial eye.

The Real Fouz

As someone who hails from Israel, I think it's super cool that MAC has decided to represent the Middle East in such a high-profile collab. The Real Fouz was obviously a perfect choice, because she slays the beauty game with loads of makeup and haircare videos on her Instagram.

Enjoy Phoenix

This French beauty vlogger may have the largest following of all, with over 2 million YouTube subscribers — wow. Though her videos are mostly in French, anyone can learn a thing or two just by watching her incredibly detailed tutorials and DIY how-to's.

Caroline Daur

German influencer, Caroline Daur, has a popular blog titled carodaur, where she shares her tips and ticks not only in beauty, but in the realms of fashion, fitness, lifestyle, travel, and even food. Also, her personal style is totally rad.

Nikkia Joy

Last, but not least, we have Australia-based blogger Nikkia Joy. Her YouTube channel is all about makeup hacks, beauty tutorials, and product reviews. She is also a professional makeup artist, so it's pretty much guaranteed that her custom lippie will be fabulous.

Quite the talented bunch! With a roundup of incredible bloggers such as these, this MAC collab will be one for the books, for sure.