MAC Is Bringing Back Discontinued ’90s Products & The Throwbacks Will Have You So Nostalgic

Knowing that makeup lovers are having a major '90s moment right now, MAC decided to cater to their grunge-lip, metallic shadow interests by introducing a new '90s-inspired collection. MAC's Throwbacks line is a literal blast from the past, featuring an arrangement of matte, frost, and satin finish lipsticks and eyeshadows. The idea behind the collection is to bring back an array of discontinued colors from the brand's vault, and they all seem to be from the peak Mariah Carey and Selena days.

"#THROWBACK to blissful times when your fave lip and eye shades were by your side. Or tune into the present — because they're back and here to stay! We're reintroducing the lipsticks and eye shadows you've been missing most from the MAC vault," the brand shared.

The seven lipsticks and four eyeshadows that have been brought back come in a range of dark browns, light frosted pinks, and deep tan hues, mimicking the colors that made the '90s so memorable.

To get into the nitty gritty specifics, the single-palette eyeshadow colors come in a range of neutral shades, letting you choose from an assortment of beiges, baked browns, chalky pinks, and shimmery whites, giving off major Friends vibes circa 1994, when powdery shadow looks were in. As for the lipsticks, you could choose from brick brown frosted lip colors, orange-coral matte hybrids, and shimmery light pink shades that will make you think of the Mandy Moore and Britney Spears posters taped to the inside of junior high lockers.

What's even more exciting is that this collection is here to stay, becoming a permanent part of the brand's lineup, meaning you'll never have to feel the heartbreak of seeing it discontinued for a second time. To give you a better idea of what the collection has to offer, check out some of he top picks below. And if you want to shop the collection directly, it's already available at MAC stores and online.

Marrakesh Matte Lipstick

Marrakesh Matte Lipstick, $17.50, MAC Cosmetics

A classic reddish-brown lipstick, this color carries terracotta undertones, but doesn't swipe on as too orange. If you like warm auburn-brown shades, then this is the throwback color for you.

Spanish Fly Frost Lipstick

Spanish Fly Frost Lipstick, $17.50, MAC Cosmetics

A reddish-brown duo-chrome color with a golden bronze shimmer, this is the ultimate frosted lipstick. While it might look like an intense, sparkle-packed color when you look at the bullet, it swipes on much more naturally. On the lips it looks like a warm brown with a slight metallic finish, so it's not quite as "Y2K" as it seems.

Icon Frosted Lipstick

Icon Frosted Lipstick, $17.50, MAC Cosmetics

A frosted neutral beige, this was the look du jour during the grunge era and peak R&B decade. A nude-like color with a gold foil on top, it looks amazing on all skin tones.

Kid Eyeshadow

Kid Eyeshadow, $16, MAC Cosmetics

A beige cashmere color, this could either be a great crease shade, or you could wear it across the whole lid to create a kind of taupe eye look. Buttery and blendable, it's got a soft orange undertone finish.

Uninterrupted Eyeshadow

Uninterrupted Eyeshadow, $16, MAC Cosmetics

A burnt yellow brown, this is a type of turmeric tobacco shade that would look amazing in a smoky eye, worn alone for an everyday look, or could be used for contouring. It's a triple threat!

If you haven't seen some of these shades for years, walk over to your nearest MAC counter and get reacquainted. You could sport brick brown lips like J.Lo, or dust on cashmere taupe eyeshadow like Ally McBeal, bringing your tween years back into the here and now. Any of these shades would be an excellent addition to your makeup drawer.