Leather Hair Wraps Are The New '90s Scrunchie & The Look Is So Badass

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Everyone loves a good '90s throwback, but millennials are taking it a step further and reinventing them. As Teen Vogue found, Maddie Ziegler wore a leather hair wrap to the Teen Choice Awards. It's so chic and scrunchie-like that you're going to want one ASAP. The era might be over, but this is a great way to relive your childhood and look incredible at the same time.

Although Ziegler might not have been around in the '90s, she's killing it with this scrunchie-like trend. She wore her hair in a high pony for the red carpet event and finished it off with a Jennifer Behr Lambskin Ponywrap. At first, the hair accessory looks like the chicest leather scrunchie that you've ever seen.

The accessory adds the perfect edgy touch to any outfit, and Zieglers outfits proves it. She stepped onto the red carpet with a red, black, and white two-piece pant and crop outfit. She could have left it with a simply ponytail, but then it would be missing that edgy vibe. It also took drew peoples' eyes to her gorgeous new blonde hair and perfectly tousled waves.

She didn't even need accessories with the look, since the leather wrap was so good. Ziegler wore nothing but the hair accessory and a pair of earrings for the look.

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The accessory hair accessory is not exactly cheap. Jennifer Behr's "classic, simple, functional wrap," as the website puts it, is available for $130 right now. It's handmade made in New York City, and you can get it within three to five business days. You will get free shipping though, so that's a plus.

The brand also offers velvet and satin options, if you're looking for a different look. All of the wraps are between $98 and $225 — including one that was inspired by Medusa.

On the plus side, it's super easy to use. All you have to do is pull your hair into a ponytail, tie it back with the hair tie portion of the accessory, and then wrap the cover around it. Think of it as a fancy jacket for your typical hair tie.

Of course, there are tons of different ways to get the look for way less. You could easily get a piece of faux or real leather from a craft store, add a little velcro, and have you very own hair accessory. All in all, the accessory would cost about $18, which is significantly lower than the high-end option.

People are about as obsessed with the accessory as they are with Ziegler's new hair color. In July, the actress, model, and business-owner went from brunette to blonde, and people instantly took notice. The look is a whole lot more beachy and looks fabulous on her.

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Sometimes it's the most subtle accessories that make the look, and this outfit is proof. Just wrapping your ponytail with something other than the traditional hair tie will up the ante on your outfit. Not to mention that you add a little '90s inspiration too. It's a win-win.