Make Up For Ever's 2018 Fourth Of July Sale Is Perfect For Refreshing Your Makeup Bag

Summer is in full swing and the biggest holiday of the season arrives this week. Fourth of July is here and it's the perfect time to refresh your warm weather makeup bag with lighter, brighter formulas of some of your favorite products. The Make Up For Ever Fourth of July Sale offers some pretty sweet savings. As of Tuesday, July 2, the brand is offering 15 percent off purchases of $75 and 20 percent off purchase of $100 or more. Those are some sweet steals and a discount more delish than a sprinkle-covered ice cream cone or a red, white, and blue popsicle.

You can totally replace last season's products with their lighter counterparts. Or you can stock up on some of your favorite products from the brand's amazing assortment.

There are soooooo many options overhauling your makeup stash for summer. You don't need to toss last season's wares —or wears!— either. Instead, store them in a drawer for safekeeping until it the weather breaks and it's time to rotate your supply and formulas. What a plan!

Grab some of the brand's primo foundations or face products. Or go with color offerings for lids and lips. It's always good to rock a bold eyeliner shade or a rich lippie hue in the hot weather months.

That way, you enjoy a hearty dose of glam without having to wear a full face of product that will melt off in the humidity.

Below are some of the best deals that define this sale. Note that the prices listed below are the full amount for each product before any of the discounts are applied.

The more you spend, the more you save!

1. Ultra HD Perfector

Ultra HD Perfector

This lightweight liquid foundation ticks off all the desirable summer makeup boxes. It has SPF 25, is weightless, and offers sheer-to-medium coverage. It blurs skin for a soft focus look, too. The 10 shades were engineered to adapt to a range of three to five skin tones each. So while the idea of 10 shades might seem like a disappointment in the age of inclusivity, these shades are buildable and adaptable to a wider range of tones.

2. Water Blend Foundation

Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

This foundation's formula is 80 percent water. So it's super breathable and comfy to wear. It also hydrates and nourishes. The dewy, gel formula can be used for the face and the body — Water Blend does it all.

3. Ultra HD Soft Light

Ultra HD Soft Light

Summer glow is always a do! Or a "dew." It's even more of a do when it's achieved through a product, rather than from the harsh and damaging rays of the sun. This soft radiance liquid highlighter will be your summer BFF! It will give skin a smooth appearance and comes in four luminous shades that you can build and therefore achieve as much dewy sheen as you wish.

4. Artist Color Pencil

Artist Color Pencil

It's summer and you are likely traveling and enjoying weekend getaways. Or it's just so terribly hot and humid that you like to keep your summer makeup light and airy. You need not sacrifice a strong look because of those factors. MUFE's multi-tasking, intense matte finish pencils can be used for an array of tasks. They can be worn as eyeliners, lip liners, brow fillers, or even for the face. You could even buff and blend on lids as a shadow. They are creamy, glide on smooth, and blend like a dream — with 29 shades to choose from. You can get a blast of colorful glam without having to pack a ton of product in your bag when on the go!

5. Artist Plexi Gloss Lip Lacquer

Artist Plexi Gloss Lip Lacquer

Stop! Do not labor under the illusion that a lip lacquer is a firm "NO"in the summer. It sounds like a heavy, "spackled on" product. But it's legit all you need for a glamorous look. Two swipes of any of the 35 shades and you are good to go, due to buildable color and mega watt shine. You can leave the rest of your face bare and natural and still look super slaytastic, thanks to this lippie. While many of us like to combat shine in summer, this is the type we seek out!

6. Super Matte Loose Powder

Super Matte Loose Powder

Add a light, matte finish to any makeup with a lightly-dusted veil of this silky, loose powder. It will soak up any of the aforementioned, unwanted, and sweat-induced shine.

7. Mist & Fix Sealer

Mist & Fix Sealer

Migrating makeup — that struggle is so beyond real. Spritz this mist on to seal and set makeup — and to help it to stay put in unforgiving temps. It can also provide of blast of refreshing and additional moisture on a hot, arid day.