Makeup Artists Are Recreating Ariana Grande's 'God Is A Woman' Beauty Look

Once and a while a music video comes out that's so good you like to watch it even with the sound off. Ariana Grande's "God Is A Woman" video is just that. It's so visually stunning that people are creating beauty looks based off of it. These "God Is A Woman" makeup looks are so good, you'll want to cover your body in paint after seeing them.

If you haven't seen the "God Is A Woman" music video yet, you are seriously missing out. The singer is shown in the video wearing nothing but a gorgeous blend of purple, blue, and peach body paint. It's so stunning that people have taken to Instagram to recreate the look with makeup that they already have in their collection.

The original artwork was done by Alexa Meade, who painted onto Grande's body and braid with actual paint. According to the Instagram account, artist paints onto bodies and on canvases as well. This was the first time that the two artists have worked together, but it seems to have gone off pretty well.

"@arianagrande thank you for being such an incredible, inspiring woman to paint and have as the greatest muse! You’re unbelievably talented and you bring so much light into the world! It’s been a huge honor," the caption reads.

Instagram makeup artists have been inspired by Grande's Sweetener album art since it first came out. It all started with the original album cover, which featured the singing staring into a rainbow of light, which is projected on her face. People started to recreate the look on social media using makeup, and it came out absolutely stunning.

The makeup force continued when Grande came out with the God Is A Woman Video. Because when a makeup lover sees body art this incredible, his or her first thought is to reach for their beauty bag.

Instead of using body paint, people have been using liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow to recreate the look. Many of the people who recreated the look have put exactly which items they used in their captions as well. You know, so you can try your own hand at the look. Or just get really great makeupr ecommendations. Either way, it's a win-win.

Here are some of the most incredible looks created thus far, because they all deserve a second look. Go ahead and pop on the song as you scroll to get the full effect.

1. Face Paint & Liner

If you're looking for a full face look, allow this to be your inspiration. The makeup creator didn't just stop at face paint. He went the extra mile by tying in a stunning winged liner and purple pout as well.

2. Major Braid Inspiration

Grande has some major braid inspiration in her video and so does this makeup artist. She actually used fabric in her hair to create the look. I'm not saying that this is the new look, but I'm also not not saying that.

3. Side Stripes

You don't need to cover your entire body to makeup a statement. This side-body painting makes just as much of an impact.

3. No Braids, No Problem

You don't need braids to make for a major hair moment. This makeup artist put some color into the front of the hair and even his ear to create the look. This is dedication, my friends.

4. Full Tutorial

Want to see the look in action? You're in luck. You can see exactly how the look was created in this video.

5. Subtle Color

If soft and subtle is your look, there's a creation for you, too. This makeup artist even brings some gold into the look, making it her own.

This is makeup inspiration at its finest.