Makeup Geek's Is Bringing Back Another MannyMUA Shade

If you've been missing the Makeup Geek x MannyMUA Palette, then, boy, do I have some good news for you. Although the palette is currently discontinued, Makeup Geek is bringing back Luna as single shadow. For a limited time, you'll be able to bring the gorgeous rose gold color back into your life. This isn't the only shade that's coming back either, so get ready to stock up.

This is the perfect shopping opportunity for all of you makeup procrastinators out there. The full MannyMUA Palette might be gone, but one of the shimmery shades is back. As of Apr. 4., Luna — the lightest metallic shade in the collection — is officially available to buy once again. The foiled shadow is absolutely stunning, so this is a pretty major makeup moment. After all, it's not every day that a brand brings back one of their limited edition shades.

Because the shade is foiled, Luna is $10 per pan. That's the same price as all of the other similar shadows. The company didn't say whether it will be back for a certain time or if it's just sticking around until it sells out. Just to be safe, I'd head over there to get your hands on it, while you can.

According to Makeup Geek's Instagram post, the company brought back the shade specifically because their fans wanted it. That doesn't mean that they're making it part of their permanent line, though. The Instagram caption says that it will only be around for a "very limited time". Personally, I don't just see why they don't make it permanent, because this color is gorgeous.

Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow Pan in Luna, $10,

This isn't the only MannyMUA Palette shade that Makeup Geek has brought back. The first shade to hit the virtual shelves was the deep plum brown Aphrodite. The shadow is still currently in stock on the brand's website, so you can stock up on two shades while you're over there.

Seeing as Aphrodite is still in stock on the Makeup Geek website, I'd say that's good news for Luna. I still wouldn't wait to shop though. Just like the palette, these shades will eventually be leaving the site, and something tells me that they won't be back for a third time.