M&S Are Selling Cans Of Aperol Spritz That'll Give Your Picnic A Chic AF Upgrade

by Aoife Hanna
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Summer time is made for long days outside, topping up on your tan while having a good time with your pals. And you might well be the type of person who enjoys a tipple or two while doing so. But finding the right kind of bev that's tasty but also portable can be a bit of a mare. Worrying about bottles and mixers and all the rest of it is not relaxing. So why not try Marks & Spencer's four new cocktail cans? Because not only are cocktails sexy, but so is convenience.

So, I guess you are chomping a the bit to hear what delicious options will be available to quench your summer thoughts? Well guys if you are a bit of a fruity type, this might be your lucky day. And these drinks are yours for the cheap as chips price of £2 per can.

These exciting new editions are all about sweet, fruity, zingy flavours to get you all ready for the summer. Now let me start with the one which is getting the most buzz, their Aperol Spritz-type drink. One much heralded by fas of the drink who CBA with all the fiddly actually making it bit.

Aperitivo Spritz


According to M&S, the flavour is all about citrusy vibes. The Aperitivo Spritzer is a "classic blend of white wine and fragrant orange bitters." Say hello to not only your favourite drink, but one considerably more affordable than getting all the bits and bobs to make one yourself.

Peach Spritzer


Holla at my Bellini fans, this one might be your dream come true. Described as a "lightly sparkling blend of sweet peach juice and crisp Spanish white wine", you will feel just peachy after a few of these. Cannot confirm your levels of peachiness the day after though.

Vermouth & Tonic


For those not in the know, a vermouth is a sort of a slightly stronger, herb infused wine. The likes of Martini and Noilly Prat would be the most noted brands. In this case the herby and delicious notes are accentuated by the tonic water leaving you with a drink that is crisp AF. Also I feel like the word "vermouth" alone is just classy isn't it?

Cherry Fizz


Pink to make (who ever you want to) wink am I right? This drink is a delicious mix of lightly sparkling cherry juice and pink wine. Sure to satisfy those with a slightly sweeter tooth and who like to be able to match their look to their drink.

The new flavours are joining the already popular pre-mixed cocktails which includes gin and tonic. Which have been made famous recently by politician Diane Abbott and of course the sexy priest in Fleabag. The latter being believed to have caused a 24 percent jump in sales of the canned cocktail with its legions of fans racing to get their own, according to the Radio Times

So pop down to your nearest M&S Food and fill your basket up with these little lovelies, because summer is coming — and it's going to be lit.

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